Author: Mary Cowlett

Cyber security concept, fingerprint in a closed padlock on digital background with EKG wave

Why are Cyber Attacks Against Medical Devices Surging?

Cyber Security Medical Devices

Medical devices are a prime target for hackers right now. Here are the reasons why and what medical device companies can do to protect themselves and patients.

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Yellow hazard sign saying Risk Ahead against a blue sky background

Cloud Migration: 3 Biggest Risks Banks and Financial Services Companies Need to Know (and How to Avoid Them)

Banking & Financial Services Cloud Cyber Security

We talked to Uri Bar-El, Qualitest’s Global Head of Cyber Security, about the risks of cloud migration for banking and financial services firms. Here’s what he had to say. This includes his advice to prioritize your people and processes over your technology.

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Hand with remote control pointing at a wall of multimedia

How Media and Entertainment Companies Can Monetize Personalized Search With Content Search Testing

Digital Transformation Media & Entertainment

Qualitest senior engineers, Deepak Kumar and Ajay Gehani, reveal how content search testing can help media and entertainment companies keep up with digital transformation and the rapid growth in personalized search.

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text saying FDA approved on background of female in surgical scrubs
Case Study

Pharma Giant Gains FDA Approval and Pioneers Digital Inhalers

Compliance Healthcare Medical Devices Pharma

How Qualitest’s world-class quality assurance and regulatory expertise helped our Client meet evolving regulations for digital healthcare products. The upshot? The Client successfully launched a revolutionary long-term treatment for asthma patients.

Data integrity in white text on red background

Pharma Industry & Data Integrity: How to Ensure Compliance Without Going Bust

Healthcare Pharma

Don’t let your data integrity costs spiral and keep you awake at night. Take a balanced and realistic approach that fits your budget instead.

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cybersecurity symbol and man's hand on laptop

Cyber Security: A New Way To Avoid the High Cost of Vulnerability Fatigue

Cyber Security

Qualitest’s Global Head of Cyber Security Uri Bar-El discusses the problem of vulnerability fatigue and a new solution he’s building. This goes beyond simply identifying your security threats to manage and mitigate them instead. Intrigued?

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hand holding a remote control in front of tv screen

Media & Entertainment: 7 Reasons to Up Your Identity Management Testing Game Right Now

Media & Entertainment

Why identity management testing is a vital step in securing users’ personal data and your content against theft while providing a seamless subscriber experience.

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continuous testing keep learning

Continuous Testing: The Fast and Efficient Way to Keep Your Business Risks in Sight

Cloud Continuous Testing Test Automation

Here’s what you need to know about continuous testing from Qualitest’s SVP John Sumner. He’s even included a list of questions to help you assess if continuous testing is right for you.

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Quality Engineering and Business Value

How to Use Business Value as Your True North When Assessing Quality

QA Optimization

Quality engineering improvement initiatives that don’t respect business priorities and show business value are doomed to fail.

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API concept with man using a laptop in a modern gray chair

Accelerate Your Migration to the Cloud with Automated API Testing

API Cloud Test Automation

Discover how automating your API testing can help modernize your data and systems in the cloud to deliver business growth.

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