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Case Study

Global Elevator Manufacturer Slashes Regression Testing Time from 24 Weeks to Under 3 Days

Retail Test Automation

How Qualitest’s automation expertise supported a fast-paced development cycle and new regional deployments to speed up a multinational legacy application re-engineering project.

Case Study

Qualitest Builds a UAV Test Automation Solution with Reusable Scenarios and Building Blocks

Aerospace & Defense Technology Test Automation

To support a strategic move towards continuous deployment, our client has new tools and processes to shorten and automate their testing cycles.

Case Study

Proving QA’s Power to Protect a Tech Giant’s Brand Reputation

QA Optimization Technology

The Client's overall QA function has evolved and has started to become standardized across their organization. Qualitest enabled test coverage to increase by up to 30% and defect leakage to production to decrease by almost 60%.

Case Study

Strategic Digital Engineering Quality-Assures Cyber Security & Data Compliance for Top UK Insurance Firm

Compliance Cyber Security Digital Transformation for Insurance Companies Insurance

Our Client now has a state-of-the-art product that delivers an exceptional customer experience and differentiates them in the highly competitive insurance market.

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Case Study

Leading Credit Union Achieves Digital Accessibility Gold Standard

Accessibility App & Web Banking & Financial Services Credit Unions

When this credit union discovered its web banking application needed much work to improve its accessibility on web and mobile, they set out to make it universally inclusive.

Case Study

Financial Services Leader Deploys Universal Mobility Platform and Modernized Test Strategy for Flawless Digital Experience

App & Web Banking & Financial Services Load & Performance Service Virtualization UX & Usability

Network virtualization synchronizes mobile banking app performance for major financial services enterprise across complex mix of global territories, regulatory regimes, and bandwidths. Advanced testing methodology accelerates release velocity at scale.

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Case Study

Global Sporting Goods Brand Automates Platform Testing for Superior Agility

ERP Fashion Retail Test Automation

This global sportswear giant significantly increased test capacity to allow more frequent changes to its platforms for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM).

Case Study

Multicultural Optimization Lifts Data Engine Quality, Speed and UX for Tech Leader

Technology UX & Usability

To elevate overall data quality, speed and user experience for speakers of dozens of languages in multiple countries, the Client needed highly specialized engineers to create a scalable global program.

Qualitest Develops Cutting-Edge AI Assessment Solution for EdTech Startup
Case Study

Qualitest Develops Cutting-Edge AI Assessment Solution for EdTech Startup

Education Testing of AI

Ai Testbanks needed a partner that was well-versed in EdTech, assessment solutions, and AI to be able to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a large volume of quality test items.

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Case Study

Expert Crowd Testing Helps Top Credit Union Continually Improve Digital User Experience

Banking & Financial Services Credit Unions UX & Usability

In order to keep ahead of agile fintech competitors, this leading US credit union needed to undertake a root-and-branch overhaul of its processes for managing digital user experience.

American Retail Giant Achieves Agile/Automated Transformation with Dedicated Remote Testing Lab
Case Study

American Retail Giant Achieves Agile/Automated Transformation with Dedicated Remote Testing Lab

Continuous Testing Retail Test Automation

Qualitest’s full-fledged internal device lab enabled managed remote testing and test automation on internal devices in an internal device cloud, with numerous features to achieve Client goals.

Case Study

Qualitest Spearheads QA and Cyber Security Testing for European Health Service Provider’s COVID Certification Status App

Cyber Security Healthcare

The COVID status certification application has been rolled out and is in use by millions of users without concerns relating to security and safety of their data.