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Case Study

Qualitest Moves IaaS Cloud Migration to a Fast Finish for a Government Regulator

Cloud UK Public Sector

TPR was able to transition to the Cloud within budget and with no business disruption or impact on their end users.

Case Study

Qualitest Digital Banking Solution Is Right on the Money for Top Credit Union

App & Web Credit Unions Load & Performance

Qualitest planned and executed comprehensive performance and stress testing of the online and mobile apps to ensure that the new digital banking solution was working properly and had not suffered any degradation to end user response times.

Case Study

Leading Global Aviation Contractor Aero Ice Free Gains Critical Business Assurance with DO-178 Compliance

Aerospace & Defense

The client needed to implement a Business Assurance work process and services and comply with commercial aviation license standards DO-178 at a DAL B level.

Case Study

Qualitest Helps Title Insurance Company Automate Testing Forms and Improve Efficiency 3X

Insurance Qualidex Test Automation

Qualitest developed an automated and cost-effective solution.

Case Study

Top Insurance Company Completes Highly Successful Business Transformation and Gains a Competitive Advantage

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation for Insurance Companies Insurance

The Client had a traditional culture with corresponding business practices/processes and legacy IT solutions.

Mobile UX Testing
Case Study

Qualitest Delivers Quick-Turnaround Targeted UX Testing for Global Consumer Goods Powerhouse

Accessibility Retail UX & Usability

Discovered close to 200 new defects within the different websites. Solving the issues significantly improved accessibility and overall user experience.

Telecom software testing
Case Study

Qualitest Enables Global Telecom Leader to Take Quality and Efficiency to the Next Level

QA Optimization Telecom

The Client wanted to strategically move away from flex and towards fully managed testing services, to establish enhanced QMO to drive improved data driven decision making and analytics.

DO-178 Compliance
Case Study

Qualitest Assures DO-178 Compliance, Crushes Costs with Automated Testing for Global Defense/Aerospace Leader

Aerospace & Defense Compliance

Test running hours and man-hours were slashed by 90%, offsetting added costs.

Shift-Left Cyber Security
Case Study

Qualitest’s Shift-Left Cyber Solutions Secure Cloud Infrastructure and SDLC for Top Insurance Company

Cyber Security Insurance

The Client wanted consistency in their cyber security processes by addressing cyber security requirements as early as possible in the SDLC, but the requirements had not been properly defined.

Qualitest Drives Zero-Defect UX in Complex Salesforce Migration
Case Study

Qualitest Drives Zero-Defect UX in Complex Salesforce Migration

Enterprise Transformation Derisk Risk-Based Testing Salesforce

Qualitest's comprehensive, risk-based test approach and thorough analysis of coverage and quality enabled the Client to achieve significant business improvements.

Storm Readiness Testing
Case Study

Qualitest Helps Leading Electric Utility Company Establish Industry Leading ‘Storm Readiness’ Test

Storm Readiness Testing Utilities

Our Client saw its service territories riddled by two successive storms that inflicted heavy damage through rain, snow and high sustained winds at gusts up to 70-mph for more than 48 hours.

Qualitest Speeds Up Time-to-Market of Embedded Security Software with Custom Test Automation
Case Study

Qualitest Speeds Up Time-to-Market of Embedded Security Software with Custom Test Automation

Aerospace & Defense Cyber Security Test Automation

Qualitest achieved shorter testing cycles through faster regression testing at lower costs.