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Scaled Agile
Case Study

Hospital Network Modernizes to ICD-10 Compliance and Migration

Compliance Healthcare

With a new compliance deadline to meet, how does one ensure that a hospital’s systems are up-to-date?

Case Study

“Train the Trainer” Program

Healthcare Managed Testing Services

When you need to bring in so many experts that they’d overwhelm your in-house training system, what do you do? You make sure that the initial students can pay it forward.

Case Study

Qualitest Environment Speeds and Simplifies Radiology Testing

Medical Devices Test Environment Management

The right environment with an appropriate dataset can greatly simplify the testing effort for quicker, better results.

Case Study

Automating a Testing Solution for a “Big Three” Educational Publisher

DevOps & Agile Test Automation

When a small R&D center is tasked with assembling a new way to manage lecture content, special skills are needed to determine the testing needs. But when they also decided midstream to switch to DevOps, we were in charge of helping make this transition.

Case Study

Qualitest Enables DevOps through Test Automation for Leading News Agency

Media & Entertainment Test Automation

The client contacted Qualitest to help drive test process improvement and dramatically increase test automation coverage. Qualitest and the Client decided on a Results Based Testing (RBT) approach, with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and a contractual Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Case Study

Defining and Facilitating Testing: Skills Development and Management for the Met Office


The Met Office sought a partner that could both help them to develop and implement an enhanced framework for skill development, which was compatible with the SFIA version 4, but would then enable them to manage it following the term of consultancy. The Met Office turned to Qualitest for this support.

Case Study

Qualitest Uses Appium Solution for Testing Bank Upgrade of Smartphone Services

App & Web Banking & Financial Services

The client decided to improve its mobile app for many services by adding new functions and operations, as well as providing a new user interface. The changes focused on improving customer experience, aligning to the global banking standard and engaging younger crowds. A strategic testing plan was needed to address technical challenges as well as business logic.

Case Study

Building an Internal Testing Department for an Insurance Claim Processor

Insurance Strategic Consultancy

An insurance claim processor was introducing a new software solution but had no structured internal testing capability to ensure everything would work. This is how Qualitest helped the effort so that the client could succeed.

Future of Medical Device Testing
Case Study

EDI Test Automation

Data Validation Healthcare Test Automation

The challenge in EDI testing involves verification that EDI records have been transmitted and stored as required. Tests must be executed to compare the segments, elements, and sub-elements in X.12 files between the baseline file and the latest generated file. To increase test efficiency and effectiveness, Qualitest test engineers have developed test automation tools to specifically test EDI based applications.

Case Study

Qualitest Automates Test Solutions for over 150 MultiPlan Applications

Healthcare QA Optimization Test Automation

Qualitest meets MultiPlan’s goals by establishing a QA partner who was reliable, trustworthy and experts in the software testing industry, achieving an optimal level of automation for their 150+ internally developed applications and creating a testing solution that would decrease prices while increasing test coverage with the best tools and resources for the job.

Case Study

Qualitest Implements Test Automation Factory

Healthcare Scaled Agile Test Automation

Qualitest drives test process improvement and dramatically increases test automation coverage to implement an Agile environment.

Case Study

Sage Small Business Division: Testing Health Check

Banking & Financial Services Strategic Consultancy

Sage is the market leader in Financial Services Software, a position which has been built on an enviable record of successful delivery of their suite of products. Sage want to maintain this market position and as a result they value and embrace continuous improvement. To this end, Sage Small Business Division hired Qualitest to provide an independent testing review.