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Instructional Design

Learning design that’s proven to work.

Digital transformation of education is accelerating, driven by COVID-19. Qualitest aligns technology with the latest research in pedagogy to design learning applications and systems that are effective and efficient, based on science.

how we can help you

Boost user engagement and learning outcomes.

Motivate your learners to jump right in and gain the vital knowledge, ideas and skills they need.

Transform your learning
using the latest educational technologies.

 Increase learning retention
by 25-60%.

Increase learner engagement
with real-life data and research.

Enable learning experiences that adapt to the devices and contexts of your learners.

Your Benefits

Meet the highest educational standards with award-winning design.

Cater to the individual needs of your learners and educators. Empower them to achieve their learning goals at school, college and work with our award-winning instructional design.

Fuel personalized learning.

Tailor course delivery and learning activities to each learner using the latest assessment, courseware and gamification techniques.

Boost participation and engagement.

Build learning that teachers and students love based on real-life usability data. Match best practices with content and features that suit your learners’ needs.

Streamline educator workflows.

Create interfaces that ensure educators spend their time teaching rather than managing technology.

Drive learning efficacy.

Apply the latest research in learning efficacy to help your learners achieve their objectives both in and out of the classroom.


We design, develop and deliver learning experiences you can rely on.

As online learning booms, your applications and programs need to grow and adapt too. We’ll create scalable learning experiences that are stable, consistent and cost-effective.

Subject Matter Specialism

Get the design expertise you need across a raft of academic and professional development disciplines. We have in-depth experience creating digital learning content for K-12, higher-education and adult learners for the arts, languages, sciences, math, business and corporate learning.

Learning Platform Development

Let more people enjoy your learning content in different formats and on different platforms. Qualitest is a development partner with leading learning systems including Learnosity, PowerSchool, Blackboard, Canvas, Schoology, Moodle and Brightspace.

Latest Methods and Design Processes

Align your learning with global best practices and standards, such as Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), Common Cartridge (CC) and OneRoster. We’ll collaborate with your team of editors and programmers to ensure your audience benefits from the latest tools, techniques and technologies.

Curriculum Design and Course Creation


Gain best-in-class guidance on meeting learning objectives, researching your eLearning options and developing usability tests. Our lens is focused on your learning outcomes.

Video Editing, Encoding and Streaming


We create compelling video-based learning experiences that increase learner engagement and fit your budget too. Our learning engineers are experts in sourcing, editing, transcoding and streaming video and have deep experience with all the major video APIs, including Kaltura, Vimeo, YouTube, Brightcove, JW Player and AWS.


Top Business Publisher Creates Remote Learning Option for University Professors.


The Client offers a face-to-face seminar based on case-based teaching. This seminar is in great demand, but many university professors are unable to travel to attend in person.

To serve this need, the client wanted to create an online course that created an engaging experience for remote learners.


Qualitest collaborated closely with the Client to understand learner profiles and the content and context involved. We then applied the latest usability research and technologies to create a course structure that delivered maximum impact as both a standalone option and complement to the existing seminar.


The Client approved all recommendations, and the course is in the early design and development stage.

“ The dev team has been able to navigate my crazy updates and product requirements with ease, and always has a wonderful demeanor and a positive ‘can-do’ attitude. They all are rock stars.”

— Chris Beiting, Digital Product Content Manager, Solution Tree


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