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Video Encoding, Streaming and Player Development

Unleash the power of video-based learning.

Create rich video-based learning that your K-12, Higher Ed and corporate learners can access on any screen. We deliver secure, reliable viewing experiences featuring the latest search, browse and streaming capabilities.

how we can help you

Deliver video experiences you can be sure of.

Give your learners and educators the best mobile experiences. Empower them with dynamic video content across your online textbooks, courseware and assessments.

Select the right video platform
and configure it for your learners.

Deepen learner engagement
by customizing the viewer experience.

Create an easy-to-search video library
that’s secure.

Deliver the best viewing experiences
on any device and at any bandwidth.

Your Benefits

Achieve better, faster video experiences you can scale.

Provide outstanding, engaging video-based learning that suits your budget too. Upgrade your learning with our 20+ years of experience in video production, curation, encoding and streaming.

Make the most of your video platform.

Our edtech experts will help you select the best video platform for your learners. We’ll also configure it to ensure you deliver the most effective learning experiences.

Create custom video experiences.

Integrate a white-label video player to build custom viewer experiences that boast the latest features and functions. Enjoy livestreaming options, engagement metrics and timestamped interactions.

Design and manage video taxonomies.

Make it easy for users to search, browse, filter and cross-reference your videos. Our learning engineers are experts in designing video taxonomies and incorporating them into video editing workflows.

Deliver video-based learning on any device.

We’ll guide you through video sourcing, editing, transcoding and streaming to ensure your learners have the best video experiences whatever their device or bandwidth.

Our Solutions

Full, end-to-end educational video expertise.

Our learning engineers are experts in all the major video platforms, including Kaltura, Vimeo, YouTube, Brightcove, JW Player and AWS. We also ensure that the performance of your video content is flawless, even at peak stress times.

Configuring Video Platforms

We work with all the major video platforms and understand the capabilities, pricing, support systems and APIs of each. We’ll help you choose the perfect fit and configure it to meet your goals and those of your learners.

Customizing Video Platforms

Build the viewer experience you want and control how your video is presented. We have technical expertise in customizing the functions, features and appearance of all the major video players using APIs.

Managing Video Content

From storing and encoding your source videos to associating metadata, our expert engineers handle everything for you. We create powerful and intuitive video content management systems that are secure and flexible too.

Using Video in Assessment


Enhance engagement by adding video to your test and quiz items. Qualitest’s learning engineers are skilled at developing and integrating complex assessment platforms and systems such as Learnosity, Tao and Cognero. We also have deep understanding of the assessment and reporting capabilities of all the major learning management systems (LMS).

Accessibility Testing


Our specialist accessibility engineers will test that your video content and player are ADA and WGAC compliant and fully accessible by educators and learners of all abilities. We’ll also help you integrate synchronized closed captions, sign translations, text transcripts and video descriptions.

Performance Testing


As you roll out your learning system at scale, we ensure a seamless, buffer-free viewing experience for your learners. Our performance testing engineers create custom scripts that match your highest usage paths and verify the performance and reliability of your video at high loads.


Solution Tree Develops Video Learning Platform for Educators



Professional development specialist, Solution Tree, wanted to transform its hundreds of hours of expert video content into an online resource on teaching concepts for educators.


Qualitest organized and edited the long-form videos into shorter segments before cataloging, transcoding and hosting in an AWS streaming environment.


Solution Tree’s video platform has become its fastest-growing offering. What’s more, the video content is now future-proofed for the next generation of educational professionals.

“ The dev team has been able to navigate my crazy updates and product requirements with ease, and always has a wonderful demeanor and a positive ‘can-do’ attitude. They all are rock stars.”

— Chris Beiting, Digital Product Content Manager, Solution Tree


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