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Case Study

Pharma Giant Gains FDA Approval and Pioneers Digital Inhalers

ComplianceHealthcareMedical DevicesPharma

How Qualitest’s world-class quality assurance and regulatory expertise helped our Client meet evolving regulations for digital healthcare products. The upshot? The Client successfully launched a revolutionary long-term treatment for asthma patients.

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Data integrity in white text on red background

Pharma Industry & Data Integrity: How to Ensure Compliance Without Going Bust


Don’t let your data integrity costs spiral and keep you awake at night. Take a balanced and realistic approach that fits your budget instead.

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Qualitest Israel’s Annual Event – A Much-needed Breath of Fresh Air!


With Covid-19 putting a pause on large-scale events over the past two years, Qualitesters had missed out on the joys of hanging out together and connecting with their colleagues.

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