Independent Software Testing Company

Independent Software Testing Company

Independent Software Testing Company.

Qualitest is an intelligent, pure-play, quality engineering powerhouse with best-in-class AI quality assurance solutions.

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Your Strategic Partner

We are an AI-led modern quality engineering partner.

As a strategic partner, Qualitest helps brands move beyond functional testing to adopt new innovations such as automation, AI, and crowd-sourced UX testing. It leverages its domain expertise across industries, including financial services, media and entertainment, retail, consumer goods, technology, gaming, telecom, among others.
We enable companies to efficiently achieve their digital transformation and business and brand assurance, gain a competitive advantage and future-proof their operations.

As an independent software testing company we can offer quality assurance services with the expertise and expereince our clients need and their customers deserve.

How We Help Our Clients

Quality engineering that takes your brand forward.

Qualitest is an intelligent, AI-driven pure-play Quality Engineering powerhouse with best-in-class-IP solutions and engineers to lead the testing evolution, providing precise solutions and enabling clients to confidently and quickly deploy software they trust, wherever they are on their quality journey.

Ensuring the success of technologies and initiatives.

We assure the quality of our clients’ activities, from enterprise transformation, QA optimization and scaled agile to CRM, ERP, Cloud testing and many more. We ensure our clients’ business offers the best products and services for flawless customer experience.

Covering all industries.

We offer our software testing expertise and experience across virtually all industries, from Banking, Government and insurance to healthcare, media and telecom – and provide a solution perfectly suited to each market, based on the client’s unique needs and requirements.

Engagement model to fit like a glove.

We align to our clients’ business goals and priorities and provide a customized and flexible engagement to provide them with the perfect solution.

“The Qualitest team was responsive in meeting our needs on time, thorough in their inspection of the requirements, inquisitive to resolve ambiguities. They wrote a comprehensive test plan and executed it, working with our global development team to validate the customer solution. We look forward to engaging them again soon.”

— Ross Parrent, Sr. Project Manager, Avaya


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