DevOps & Agile 2

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DevOps & Agile 2

Achieve more with bespoke Agile and DevOps testing.

Optimize your SDLC with our advanced testing strategies and shift-left expertise. We’ll help you at every step of your quality journey with our turnkey Agile and DevOps testing solutions.

how we can help you

Accelerate your QA evolution.

Where are you on your transition to Agile? We’ll support you every step of the way on your journey towards intelligent automation as we help you embrace Agile and DevOps methodologies to elevate the overall quality of your QA processes.

Get testing optimized
in every stage of your CI/CD pipeline.

Enhance speed and accuracy
with our AI-driven products and automated frameworks.

Leverage a quality-first approach
from the outset through post-release.

Upgrade your QA practices
with our vast pool of proprietary, partner and open-source tools.

Your Benefits

Get a streamlined continuous delivery.

Achieve your business objectives as you significantly improve your QA efficiency through our automated frameworks and useful toolkits fit for DevOps and Agile QA.

Automate your delivery lifecycle.

Eliminate possible human errors from your project lifecycle through fully automated DevOps processes.

Enhance your application stability and uptime.

Reduce application downtime and increase system consistency as our operations and development teams collaborate from the start to provide instant feedback.

Increase efficiency through AI/ML-driven data analysis.

Drastically boost your efficiency as you gain insights about testing the right cases with our unique data analysis enabled with AI/ML.

Expedite your testing process with consistent sprints.

Minimize your testing time, as continuous sprints and compelling user stories improve testing efficiency and ensure seamless application performance.

Our Solutions

We’ll optimize your paradigm shift.

We assist you in streamlining your organization’s shift to Agile/DevOps through a variety of efficient, automated, and intelligent QA services.

Synchronized Test-Driven Development

We ensure an orchestrated enterprise where SCRUM teams collaborate to produce testable and deployable codes in every iteration.

Centralized QMO

Our QMO oversees and maintains quality across the organization through smart quality engineering, comprehensive training, and a robust governance structure.

Advanced Monitoring and Analysis

We utilize an AI-enabled, unified dashboard comprising connectors for leading DevOps tools that draw data into the panel for real-time decision making.

DevOps Environment and Data Management

We provide on-demand set-up, configuration, migration, scheduling and overall maintenance of DevOps environments and take care of creation, real-time search and management of test data.


Qualitest Enables a Seamless Digital Transformation for a World-Leading Weather App


Our Client wanted a flawless, unified web/mobile experience for their billions of global weather app users. The project required ground-up mobile app development, legacy system upgrade and a more robust QA role.


The Client and Qualitest established strategic goals to improve processes and reduce time to release. Qualitest deployed its scaled agile QA solution, including shift-left In-Sprint QA embedded into the SCRUM teams and end-to-end test automation.


Android & iOS mobile app development was completed with quality goals met. Release time was cut by 2/3. Android mobile apps crash rate reduced by 10x. Agile best practices were unified across all Client projects.

“ Qualitest have provided test leadership and consultancy support to support a number of my major Agile Transformation Programmes. As always, and as expected, excellent service delivery, quality and leadership provided from a true test partner.”

— Paul Taylor, Program Director, Co-op Funeralcare


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