QA Optimization 2

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QA Optimization 2

Step up your quality performance.

Your goal is to provide excellent value for your customers. Our goal is to enable you to achieve that by ensuring quality as efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

how we can help you

Make sure your quality performance is top notch.

We’ll take responsibility over your quality engineering and help you build an improvement plan tailored to your unique requirements, challenges and goals, providing consistency throughout your organization.

Ensure quality based on user experience and business intent
and not solely on functional testing.

Speed up your delivery velocity
without compromising your quality performance.

Optimize your QA costs
by ensuring synchronization and optimization across test levels and applications.

Align your Quality Assurance to your business goals
We will commit to your results.

Your Benefits

What can go right, will go right.

Have confidence that your product is what you intend it to be – as your customers expect it to be. Rest assured that your quality will be maintained and optimized through intelligent End-to-End continuous testing.

Optimize your Quality Assurance

Our AI-Powered Assessment will enable you to tackle the most impactful inefficiencies first and will prioritize the investments that will be executed and transparently governed.

Your end customer will always be in mind

Our QA experts work with your product owner to ensure product requirements are clear, are met, and that the intention behind the product is served.

Cut 33% of your test execution time

Reduce your overall costs even further. Achieve better speed and accuracy with our AI-powered testing tools, quicker patch testing and upgrades rollout through testing knowledge retention and reuse.

Ensure great user experience

We will make sure your product is fit for use. Gain solid automation architecture to ensure no gaps or redundancy in coverage across test levels and across applications.

Our Solutions

Quality is the goal, expertise is the foundation.

As the largest independent software testing service provider, we focus singularly on quality assurance. We will provide consistency and drive standardization across your organization and processes to optimize your quality from the bottom up.

Accelerated Quality Processes

Process alignment is key to optimizing QA costs and efficiencies. Qualitest will help you establish and grow your quality processes as you mature.

QA Transformed to QE

Quality Engineering is not just about functional testing. We’ll ensure that quality standards are an integral part of your culture and development methodology.

Shared Testing Services On Demand

Create economies of scale and supercharge your testing by leveraging shared testing services on demand across all your projects.

Pioneering AI-Powered Assessment

We implement an AI-powered Knowledge and Innovation Assessment (KIA) process to enable you to innovate, reduce costs and increase testing quality and capacity.

Optimized Plan for Change

We provide a data-backed, evidence-driven roadmap to implement the right vision for your organization and business.

Total Flexibility and Adaptability

We are agnostic to your work methodology. Whether you currently use waterfall, agile or anything in between, we can optimize your processes and SDLC to make the best of your current situation as well as establish the next step in your evolution.

“ Without Qualitest’s commitment and experience we would not have been able to deliver the upgrade to the quality demanded by our business.”

— Martin Gillon, Program Manager, Howdens Joinery



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