Digital Assurance for Insurance Companies

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Digital Assurance for Insurance Companies

Digital transformation insurance companies can rely on.

Your enterprise digital transformation is a significant undertaking that involves many potential risks to your business and to your customers. We are your strategic partner in enabling your successful digital transformation, and helping you assure an optimal customer experience efficiently and effectively.

how we can help you

We’ll assure your digital transformation so you can better insure your customers.

As an insurer you cannot stay behind the technology curve and remain competitive in your market. Successful insurers need to ensure their customers are satisfied and that their products and platforms are attractive to new potential customers. To achieve this, an efficient and effective digital transformation is key. We are here to assure your transformation journey through automated, AI-driven, end-to-end digital assurance testing solutions, tailored for insurance companies.

Validate your digital presence
supporting a cost-effective transition.

Increase customer retention
with exceptional quality assurance to guarantee optimal customer experience.

Mitigate business risks
through identification and remediation of vulnerabilities and threats.

Support rapid delivery of business change
through intelligent, automated, risk-based testing.

Your Benefits

Your digital transformation is assured by us.

Successfully align your technology with your business strategy and goals. Our automation solutions validate your customer experience while providing effective system integration and reducing your overall costs and time to deployment.

Ensure a risk-free transformation.

Eliminate major risks to your digital transformation with our AI-powered continuous testing approach.

Evolve your automation.

Advance to a rapid delivery model with over 90% automation coverage that is reusable across your delivery teams.

Streamline your operations.

We’ll unify multiple or legacy systems to consolidate end-to-end operations into one smooth, continuous flow.

Shift left successfully.

Ensure security and UX assurance are effectively embedded into your SDLC to offer increased security and optimized customer satisfaction.

Our Solutions

Stay ahead of the competition with modernized digital quality assurance.

We help insurance companies on their digital transformation journey by leveraging AI, DevOps and Automation. Our quality engineering services are designed to accelerate and enhance speed, quality, security and customer experience.

Derisked Digital Transformation

We enable an efficient and effective transition for your insurance company and reduce business risks with intelligent risk-based testing, automation and AI.

Optimization and Support of Automation Journey

We perform a full analysis and health check across all teams and implement and/or refine an enterprise-level approach to automation that best suits your organization, supported by our bespoke framework accelerators and AI tooling.

Seamless System Integrations

We provide testing journeys E2E, spanning legacy architectures and modern systems, focusing on assuring the overall customer experience.

Intelligent Risk-Based Testing

Testing everything is impractical, so smart use of risk-based testing and automation is critical to an efficient transformation. Our unique data-driven testing product, Qualisense, delivers AI-powered insights to inform qualified decisions and focus coverage effectively.

Improved Agile and DevOps Methodologies

With extensive domain knowledge and industry expertise, our quality engineers are experts in rapid delivery methodologies and integrate within these to enhance test effectiveness, supporting the shift left (and on occasions shift right) of both functional and non-functional testing to facilitate an efficient transformation.

Performance & Load Testing

We make sure your systems function 24/7 during normal business conditions. We will also demonstrate that when customer usage spikes at times of sudden increased demand, for example a national TV advertising campaign, that performance is not compromised, and business is not lost as a result.


Top Insurance Company Completes Highly Successful Business Transformation and Gains a Competitive Advantage


The Client had a traditional culture with corresponding business practices/processes and legacy IT solutions. They were slow to react to market changes and could not onboard new customers or upsell existing customers quickly without being potentially exposed to high levels of risk.


Qualitest enabled a successful transition to an “Agile business” with continuous testing and rapid delivery model. We defined and implemented an Agile test strategy, encompassing shift left Non-Functional Testing, and an enterprise test automation approach.


The Client achieved a successful business transformation journey greatly enhancing customer experience and increasing market share, with 50% year on year reduction in production Severity 1s, 12x faster releases, 5% increase in revenue and 30% increase of online sales.

“ We have been presented with a clear and concise view on the coverage achieved and understand where to target additional test effort for future releases. Their technical knowledge and vision and their flexible and innovative approaches to testing have been absolutely crucial to our success… quite simply a great partner.”

— Shaun Kelly, IT Director, Covea Group


What else can we help you with?

Let us know what your needs and requirements are and we’ll tailor a solution that will make life easier for you.








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