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Mobile Application Security

Gain mobile app store approval first time, every time.

AppSec for Google Play is often easy enough. But the delays and costs when you fail to get your mobile apps – including every update – past Apple’s rigorous security reviewers can be tough. We’re so confident our automated mobile app security services can save you from mobile app store rejection that we’re offering a free 30-minute consultation and cyber security scan.

how we can help you

Turn your mobile app security from a cost into a business enabler.

Our continuous mobile app security services identify vulnerabilities automatically to get your apps into mobile app stores and make sure they stay there. You accelerate your security and efficiency while ensuring good coverage and low costs.

Slash security costs by up to 50%.

Boost customer and employee trust
by protecting data privacy.

 Enable innovation at speed 
by delivering more secure mobile experiences faster.

Streamline testing 
with continuous automated mobile app security.

Your Benefits

Deliver more secure apps quicker.

Seamlessly integrate mobile app security into your CI/CD systems without slowing down development and your go-to-market strategy.

Catch security gaps early.

Find and fix costly security flaws before hackers can exploit them.

Know your real risk levels.

Understand the severity of your vulnerabilities and how to prioritize your remediation activities.

Reduce your attack surface.

Automate your way to more secure functional and regression testing, including static and dynamic testing, and reduce your attack surface.

Avoid false positives.

Give your teams a security solution they can trust. One that doesn’t incorrectly flag non-issues.

Our Offer

Get a FREE mobile app scan and 30-minute consultation*.

Gain insights you can action with our FREE mobile app scan that will:

  • Reveal your app’s security score out of a hundred.
  • Give you the right insights to start fixing your vulnerabilities.
  • Improve your operational resilience and security posture.

We’ll combine the results of your scan into an easy-to-understand Mobile App Security Report covering:

  • SAST, DAST and IAST analysis
  • API endpoints security testing
  • Sensitive data exposure checks
  • Compliance verification

One of our friendly experts will then talk you through the findings, answer all your questions and recommend what you should do next. To get started, simply fill out the form below.

*One-time offer only.


Mobile Banking App Shifts Security Left and Avoids Major Breach


To launch a new mobile banking app with a focus on meeting OWASP security guidelines and ensuring flawless business logic to prevent exposing any vulnerabilities.


Qualitest shifted security testing left for Android and iOS and automated 50% of the security test cases and integrated with the CI/CD pipeline.


By identifying and fixing authentication and authorization vulnerabilities the Client avoided a major security breach.

“ The Qualitest team was very prompt in responding to our needs in the most professional way, and helped us hit the required deadlines on time, and in quality.”

— Adi Miller, Senior Test Lead, Microsoft


What else can we help you with?

Let us know what your needs and requirements are and we’ll tailor a solution that will make your life easier.








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