Insights Blog Keep Your Business Ahead of the Competition: The Software Testing Tools That Make a Difference


Keep Your Business Ahead of the Competition: The Software Testing Tools That Make a Difference

So what are some of the best software testing tools out there that can help your team conduct tests, report results, and share knowledge? Here is an overview of the best we’ve seen.

Mobile performance testing

In a time of rising customer demands, tightening budgets, and shrinking software delivery timelines, your business needs to balance the need to produce sound, robust software with streamlined development cycles.

One of the most effective ways to do that is to ensure that your testing methodology, and the tools you use to conduct your software testing, match the functionality that you need to evaluate and integrate the latest industry best practices.

With that comes the ability to leverage artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and automation to increase both the precision of your testing and the overall speed.

So what are some of the best software testing tools out there that can help your team conduct tests, report results, and share knowledge?  Here is an overview of the best we’ve seen.

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is a cloud-based testing platform that allows teams to run automated and manual tests across 700 different browser platforms, operating systems and device combinations, giving developers the confidence that their software will work across a range of end-user devices. Sauce Labs runs on Selenium, Appium, Expressor or XCUITest.

Katalan Studio

Developed by KMS Technology, Katalan Studio is an automated testing platform that delivers teams a comprehensive range of features and tools designed to fully run tests for mobile, websites, APIs, mobile, and web applications.


This innovative automated testing tool replicates how a user will see and interact with a screen, leveraging image and text search algorithms to help deliver test applications faster, more accurately, and with less effort. With Eggplant’s Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI), your team can automate everything from test-case design to result analysis.


TestComplete, developed by SmartBear, includes three modules — Desktop, Web, and Mobile — each providing teams the ability to fully record, script, or manually run user interface tests across these platforms. TestComplete is known for being an easy to use way to automate functional testing


Qualisense is Qualitest’s AI-powered suite that dramatically improves risk-based testing strategies. It uses AI and automation to speed up time to release, cut costs and redeploy resources to focus on what matters most.   The Qualisense suite of advanced tools includes Test.Predictor, Test.Consolidator and AI-Powered T-Kia.


Qualitest’s Test.Predictor uses our proprietary AI and automation to find testing failures faster and more accurately, ultimately speeding up the time to release, streamlining resource investment and helping to cut costs.


A combination of AI, ML and natural processing language (NPL) algorithms, Test.Consolidator does exactly that: consolidates the large number of test results and related data to help your team focus on the information that matters most. The result is a smoother testing flow.

AI-Powered T-KIA

Driven by AI, T-KIA helps organizations validate, improve and streamline their QA testing methodology by identifying potential bottlenecks and ensuring continuous improvement. Your team can use this information to increase overall testing maturity and quality.


The Qualitools suite includes more tools, systems and frameworks the Qualitest quality engineering teams use for maximum efficiency and performance.


Qualiframe gives your team the ability to create and run flexible, dynamic, structured and automated tests using the power of AI, regardless of the scripting language or platform. Use the component library and native integration flexibility to test faster, earlier and simpler.


Take the manual work out of reviewing and validating document-based data with Qualidex. This testing product automatically scans text, imagery and data from electronic documents to compare outputs against UI data, confirm data integrity and generate flexible HTML-based reports.


Instead of complex, unstructured and unorganized test data, Qualiview offers a testing and engineering analytics solution that visualizes quality and test data to speed up analysis. Qualiview also can deliver customizable and interactive web-based reports and dashboards.


Capture and share your organization’s training program and best practices while taking your professional development to the next level with Qualicoach. This online learning portal solution gives your organization the ability to train and share content to upskill current and new employees, no matter where they are and when they need it. Qualicoach’s back-end analytics and reporting capabilities can help to ensure compliance and track progress toward development goals.


Offer your team a one-stop location to gather and access the knowledge, tools, policies, resources and assets that set your team apart from the competition with Qualihub. Qualihub helps your team build a logical and visual knowledge framework to ramp up new teams faster, track compliance and create a system of record.

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No matter the scope or scale of your business, Qualitest’s experts are ready to deliver and customize our solutions to help your team test more effectively and efficiently without compromising quality or precision.

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