Insights Blog Meet Burcu Tomac – A Developer, Who Can Plan Your Wedding!


Meet Burcu Tomac – A Developer, Who Can Plan Your Wedding!

Burcu Tomac, a Qualitest Consultant Developer from Cologne, has a knack for learning new things in life. Her knowledge-seeking eagerness has always been a motivating factor for her.

Her idea in life is very simple – always give your best, regarless of whether it is for personal or professional gain. Burcu believes doing this helps her always be satisfied with herself.

“I think as long as the healthiness of a person accepts it, they should go further,” Burcu says. “Everyone can be successful – you just have to work hard for it and be grateful for what you have in any situations in your life,” she further adds.

How it started & how it’s going?

Burcu is currently working as a consultant developer, but she started as a backend developer in Java, and then moved on to do web development. It was only last year that she started working as a full stack developer.

Her eagerness to learn new things is also very evident, and recently she has decided to start building her skills in Requirements Engineering.

What made her choose software development over other professions?

Furthermore, Burcu feels that being a Dev (Developer) is cool for a woman. She believes a developer can easily work from home, which is advantageous for women, especially when they are pregnant. Even though she does not have a child, she is confident that she will be able to give 100% as a developer even if she decides to plan her family in the future.

Burcu says, “I never had a technical experience in my school, so after I finished my Abitur with focus on German Language and Biology, I just started with the Information Technology (Bachelor of Science).”
On her decision to choose IT as a career option, she adds, “As a teenager, I always wanted to be an independent woman. So, it had to be a career which let me earn money anytime I want to.”

Advice to future Qualitesters

Burcu is very straightforward when it comes to providing advice to future Qualitesters.

She says, “Never be afraid. Just start at some point and earn experiences. Everyone started once. And always think about – if XY achieved it, you can do it too! 😉 Just be open on evolving yourself.”

However, Burcu also has a small piece of advice for everyone, including Qualitesters, which is never to begrudge somebody for something.

Life beyond her professional space

Burcu’s journey at Qualitest is full of excitement. But her life outside the office is no dull affair.

Besides being a developer, Burcu is also highly skilled in organizing and planning events. So, as she witnessed some of her friends struggling with their respective wedding planning, Burcu decided to publish a Wedding Planner herself. In addition, she also started a small business, to which she devotes her time after her full-time job.

Painting is another addition to her long list of skillsets.

Burcu says, “My abstract paintings are also having place at a lot of homes which makes me really happy.”
Other than that, she loves her time in the kitchen. “There is nothing better than cooking/baking and eating,” adds Burcu.

Burcu does not have any specific podcast or books as her favorite, but she prefers podcasts and books related to “a positive mindset” and real estate. With respect to her interest in real estate, she feels she would be a land agent in her second life.