Insights Blog Meet Diego Alonso Fernandez Santoyo – A loveable family man and curious mechatronics engineer clubbed into one.


Meet Diego Alonso Fernandez Santoyo – A loveable family man and curious mechatronics engineer clubbed into one.

Diego Fernandez, a Qualitest test engineer in Mexico, loves both programming codes and people around him. For Diego, there is no distinction between friends and family; if they are present in his life, they are his family.

He believes that whatever he is today is only because of this family. Diego says, “Without them I would never have had the experiences and opportunities that I’ve been able to enjoy. More importantly, they have always held me up in the bad times and celebrated with me during the good times.”

For Diego, this level of trust is reciprocal. He says, “I know that I can depend fully on them for anything, and I will always be there for them in turn.”

Besides the unwavering trust and unconditional support, the family has also been his greatest motivator. “While other motivations and passions come and go, family is and always has been, forever,” adds Diego.

Areas of expertise

As a mechatronic engineer, Diego is well-versed in various programming languages such as C, JavaScript and machine code. However, his eagerness to satiate his inquisitive mind led him also to learn basic HTML and a Python course (still in progress). In addition, he has also used programming languages like Swift, Java and Kotlin to develop mobile apps.

The professional journey that led to software testing & Qualitest

Diego says that he was introduced to the world of software while attending university, when he worked for the school to make mobile apps for students, teachers and the school administration.

From developing apps to fixing them, the journey was not so long. He soon realized that fixing these apps was his area of interest.

I worked in a small team making mobile apps for my school. We were only tasked with making the apps but quickly saw the need to fix them as well. For me, trying to break the apps we built was more fun than making them to begin with”, remarks Diego.

Life & learning at Qualitest

Diego loves working at Qualitest because of the exciting nature of his work and the vibrant, multicultural workplace atmosphere.

From what I’ve experienced so far, you will never get bored. There will always be new features to test, new bugs to find and new processes to develop. And you’ll get to work with all sorts of clients! Diego says.

When it comes to learning, he further adds, “Definitely don’t think this is a role one can ever fully master as new tasks, tools, and team members are always popping up!”

Still, there are a lot of things he learned while at Qualitest, such as teamwork, technical skills, analytical skills, responsibility, communication, and more!

Advice for students who are interested in QA

He has a piece of very simple advice for the budding QA experts – “As a recent graduate and inductee into the world of QA, dig into your own school projects and see how quickly they break apart. Finding out just how fragile my projects were was all it took to get me on board.”

Life beyond Qualitest

When Diego is not working, he spends valuable time with family or keeps himself busy with instruments, LEGO, woodworking, skateboarding, swimming, travel, reading, having beer with friends and League of Legends. His favorite novel is Hyperion Cantos.


Diego would like you to add Pátzcuaro and Michoacán, Mexico city his family’s hometown, to your wish-list for places to visit. “My family’s hometown is beautiful, full of tradition, and a popular tourist attraction which makes it an easy visit,” remarks Diego.