Insights Blog Meet Dinesh Kumaran – the Passionate Social Activist and Fitness Enthusiast


Meet Dinesh Kumaran – the Passionate Social Activist and Fitness Enthusiast

Dinesh Kumaran is a passionate, self-driven sports enthusiast. The Environment manager at our Bengaluru office, Dinesh, is immensely enthusiastic towards activities related to social causes.

A fitness enthusiast, Dinesh was a national contender and a state-level gold medalist in strength lifting. He was also a state-level boxer.

Dinesh’s passion in life is to spread positivity wherever he goes and create a world of opportunities for people with various talents and backgrounds. He wants to be a source of inspiration and motivation to those seeking to excel in life.


Areas of Expertise

An expert in client management and transition delivery, Dinesh is experienced in ITSM, ITIL, QA, and Operations Delivery. He has been providing DevOps consulting for new RFPs and project transitions throughout his career in the technical field.


Software Testing and the Qualitest Journey

Dinesh is a graduate in computer science and engineering and post-graduate in business administration. He started his career in the IT sector, which seemed like an obvious choice.

Talking about the benefits of a career in software testing, Dinesh says, “Software Testing allows you to work with people from various cultures in different parts of the world. You have the ease to work with one and all, despite the various parameters that define our society, like age, gender and culture. The one thing that binds us together, the most important thing, is the love and passion for new technology. In addition to all these perks, you also get an immense onsite exposure, wherein you get to travel the world and work with the best minds in the industry.”

Dinesh became a part of the Qualitest family and year ago when he joined as an Environment Delivery Manager.

About his Qualitest journey, he says, “Being an Environment Manager at Qualitest and supporting the infrastructure side of software development and testing operations, gives me ample opportunity to learn new industry functions, like Telecom. The role has helped me groom myself in thorough analysis, which is again supported by my previous experience in different industry functions. The exposure and challenges you face at Qualitest, prepare you to become a leader in every project you choose. The growth trajectory at Qualitest is a win-win opportunity for both the employee and the employer.”

Advice to the Future Generation of Testers

According to Dinesh, software testing is an essential aspect of our daily lives, and with technological advancements, it has become a crucial part of every industry.

Advising the future testing rock stars, he says, “Quality assurance is needed in every industry and in all you do. Without testing, nothing can be certified, agreed upon, or guaranteed for high performance. So, my advice to you would be to test and explore new technologies throughout your journey.”

Life Beyond Testing

Dinesh is a Social Activist who works actively to remove evils from our society, against which, very few voice their opinions. He supports issues that highlight the missed opportunities in the government that can aid to better governance and society.

When he is not testing or involved in social work, Dinesh dedicates his time to his other passions in life – fitness, football, weightlifting and boxing. He is currently trying to up his game in boxing to take it to the next level.