Insights Blog A New Dawn in Cyber Security Testing: The Paradigm Shift [ebook]


A New Dawn in Cyber Security Testing: The Paradigm Shift [ebook]

In our new ebook, Qualitest urgently calls for a paradigm shift in how big companies protect big data. The ebook also reveals how machine learning and automated testing hold the keys to the efficacy boost that today's cyber defenses need.

Cyber Security

Cyber security threats continue to evolve in number and sophistication with sensitive personal data under threat from actors including opportunist fraudsters to serious organized crime gangs and even state-sponsored attacks.

But have enterprise cyber security postures kept pace? And if not, what can be done to recalibrate, reinforce and redefine the defensive tactics and strategies used to protect the vast data that exists now both at rest and in transit?

The 25-page ebook’s chapters include:

  • Cyber Security — Are We Doing it Wrong?
  • The New Data Security Challenges Are Here, How Can Quality Engineering Help?
  • Cyber Security: A New Way to Avoid the High Cost of Vulnerability Fatigue
  • How to Leverage Machine Learning for Improved Penetration Testing
  • Out with the Old…Fintech Needs to Step Up Cyber Security
  • The Challenge and Future of Cyber Security for Healthcare


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