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New York to NEW YOU: The 31/7 Odyssey

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The book New York to NEW YOU by Qualitest’s Managing Director UK & Europe Manoj Gupta, fuses wellness with mindfulness in the stressed-out business and corporate world. The book can help many of us who work in the tech industry in balancing life with the demands of the business, how to deal with the contradictions this sometimes presents.

New York to NEW YOU teaches simple techniques to explore oneself and ‘how to live’ in harmony with the external world, irrespective of what one is going through inside or outside.

It has characters, drama, story and suspense – but above all, it has a message, including ‘how to’ steps to transform your thinking, and in turn, your life. The principles in this book are eternal and universal. They are applicable in your personal, social and professional life.

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About Manoj Gupta

An accomplished business leader, a trusted advisor, and frequent keynote speaker at various forums, Manoj Gupta has vast International experience in multiple domains. He is working in tech sector for over 25 years. His passion to innovative has helped to turn around several businesses across the world.

His approach to coalesce technology with philosophy led him towards the path of discovering intricacies of human engineering. Exploring deep into the topic by going through many books, ancient scriptures, and their interpretation by scholars and philosophers – combined with research of over 10 years, he discovered the beautiful convergence of science and metaphysics.

His fascination for human psychology and subtle difference between ‘making a living’ vs ‘living a life’, inspired him to write down his idea about ‘New You’, which later became a full-fledged book. His pragmatic approach to make things simple, has motivated many people to re-evaluate their lives.

Manoj enjoys helping people and businesses to realize their true potential. He is currently working as Managing Director at Qualitest Group.

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