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Web Services Testing: A Unique Approach by Qualitest

API App & Web

With many years of experience with our various clients and customers, Qualitest Group has developed a unique approach and exclusive tools (accelerators) for performing web service testing which is unmatched in the industry. Relying on manual regression testing is inefficient and not a good use of Quality Assurance resources. That’s why Qualitest Group has developed its unique web services testing solution based on automatically generated test scripts and test data.

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Automating Point of Sale (POS) Testing

POS Retail

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What is Security Testing?

Cyber Security

Normal functional testing ensures software is working towards what the requirements specify. This can assure our customers that their software will perform according to a given list of requirements or specifications. Security testing is a natural extension of negative testing: it is focused on unacceptable inputs and whether these inputs are likely to create significant failure in regards to the given requirements of the product under test.

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Virtual Radiology Environment (VRE) Explained

Compliance Healthcare

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) have become increasingly complex while healthcare providers increasingly depend on their reliability and scalability. While features are fairly easy to verify, scalability is challenging to test without a Radiology Environment for testing the server with all the modalities and a RIS. The Virtual Radiology Environment is a simulation system that provides all of the network patterns and data flow that occur natively in the Radiology domain.

Audit test
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Disaster Recovery with Cloud


The reality is that even the most robust Disaster Recovery plan is only as good as your ability to test it.

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Performance Testing: A Key to Optimizing Website Performance

App & Web Load & Performance Retail

As many as 44% of website owners do not test their website to check for such concerns as increased traffic volume or load. In today’s competitive and highly responsive market, it’s unwise for retailers to ignore the necessity of performance testing, especially when their website is sometimes their only means of attaining sales and create a good reputation. Hence, every website manager should adopt a mechanism to monitor their website and its performance 24/7.

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Quality Engineering – The Driver of Your Agile Transformation

DevOps & Agile Scaled Agile

This white paper explains how the Scaled Agile CoE structure can drive the agile process.

Building a QMO
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Building a QMO: A Guide to QA Success

QA Optimization

Case Study

Qualitest Helps Leading American Financial Service Company Standardize and Centralize Quality Engineering

Banking & Financial Services QA Optimization


Get to Know an IoT Device: Trash Talk


Gartner, Inc. estimates that there will be nearly 20.8 billion devices on the Internet of Things by 2020.  This is the third in our recent series about IoT devices, diving into the surprisingly high-tech world of urban waste.


2017 State of Testing Survey

QA Optimization

With the 2017 State of Testing Survey open, we at Qualitest are eager to see the results, join in and lets see just how QA is going.

Case Study

Global Theme Park and Resort Operator Upgrades Customer Experience with Tailored Qualitest Solution

Digital Transformation Media & Entertainment

The Client embarked on a complete digital transformation of its reservation system that would allow for better performance and security.