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Get to Know an IoT Device: Trash Talk


Gartner, Inc. estimates that there will be nearly 20.8 billion devices on the Internet of Things by 2020.  This is the third in our recent series about IoT devices, diving into the surprisingly high-tech world of urban waste.


2017 State of Testing Survey

QA Optimization

With the 2017 State of Testing Survey open, we at Qualitest are eager to see the results, join in and lets see just how QA is going.

Case Study

Global Theme Park and Resort Operator Upgrades Customer Experience with Tailored Qualitest Solution

Digital Transformation Media & Entertainment

The Client embarked on a complete digital transformation of its reservation system that would allow for better performance and security.


Meet Santiago Diaz, the Testing Stalwart with a Love for Everything Tech

Qualitester Santiago Diaz, a Quality Engineer from Atlanta, Georgia (US), is a testing expert who loves everything tech. His curious nature sparks his quest for continuous learning. Throughout his testing career, he has worked with various clients, gaining experience and visibility over the latest technologies.


Meet Cyril Mupakile – An Optimistic Pragmatist with a Creative Heart!

Cyril Mupakile, a Qualitest Quality Engineer from the UK, is a family-oriented person and a big believer in the simple philosophy – “It's nice to be nice.” He believes that his positive outlook helps him deal with any outcome, no matter how bad it is.

text saying FDA approved on background of female in surgical scrubs
Case Study

Pharma Giant Gains FDA Approval and Pioneers Digital Inhalers

Compliance Healthcare Medical Devices Pharma

How Qualitest’s world-class quality assurance and regulatory expertise helped our Client meet evolving regulations for digital healthcare products. The upshot? The Client successfully launched a revolutionary long-term treatment for asthma patients.

Case Study

Qualitest Helps St. Andrew’s Healthcare Create Roadmap to Quality Engineering


Qualitest covered everything from methods to obtain visibility and traction with the business, projects and IT to support initiatives, to outlining the structural support that was needed to enable testing.

puzzle piece representing merger of two credit unions
Case Study

Leading Credit Union Achieves Successful Merger with Rapid and Robust Integration

Banking & Financial Services Credit Unions Test Environment Management

When two large credit unions merged, the absorbing credit union needed seamless integrations of complex legacy architectures. Our unrivalled integration expertise was used to validate the new system from core to downstream teams and digital banking system.

Woman using her phone to make payment
Case Study

Testing Automation Accelerates Global Reward Brand’s Time to Market

Load & Performance Retail Test Automation

When this global retail rewards brand wanted to speed up its deployment of new reward propositions, its attention turned to test automation. Using this methodology, they hoped to onboard and deploy reward propositions in a fraction of the time.

Case Study

Qualitest Spearheads QA and Cyber Security Testing for European Health Service Provider’s COVID Certification Status App

Cyber Security Healthcare

The COVID status certification application has been rolled out and is in use by millions of users without concerns relating to security and safety of their data.

dialysis patient
White Paper

Adapting to Changing Landscapes in Dialysis

Digital Transformation Healthcare Medical Devices

Advances in digital technology are driving changes in dialysis treatments for kidney failure disease. This white paper demonstrates how Qualitest's solutions for connected health can help maintain the ultra reliability demanded in healthcare as it moves towards telehealth for improved patient and practitioner outcomes.

American Retail Giant Achieves Agile/Automated Transformation with Dedicated Remote Testing Lab
Case Study

American Retail Giant Achieves Agile/Automated Transformation with Dedicated Remote Testing Lab

Continuous Testing Retail Test Automation

Qualitest’s full-fledged internal device lab enabled managed remote testing and test automation on internal devices in an internal device cloud, with numerous features to achieve Client goals.