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Qualitest’s Recognition by Gartner

Qualitest is recognized for the fourth year in a row by Gartner.

For the fourth year in a row, Qualitest (now the world’s largest pure play software testing and QA provider) has been recognized as the only Visionary pure play QA and Testing Service Company in the “Gartner Magic Quadrant” for Application Software Testing.

Gartner says that the purpose of this determination is so that leaders may make better decisions when selecting testing service providers.

Gartner lays out some assumptions on where the testing world is heading by 2020, which I follow with my own observations on how those assumptions relate back to us, including relevant hyperlinks:

  • 60% of testing resources will need to have a combo of testing skills, application development skills, and business process or industry skills.   The first 2 sound like what we call an All-Rounder, while the last resembles what we call an SME.
  • A.I./machine-learning technologies will be part among the top 3 selection details for 30% of testing engagements.  QualiTest is already involved with A.I. and machine-learning technologies.
  • Crowdtesting will be a component of 60% of mobile app testing efforts.  QualiTest has offered managed crowd testing for many years, including these efforts with Pepsi , the Met Office, and .
  • KPI’s will be part of 70% of digital business contracts.  We’re already very active with managed testing solutions using KPI’s – the report later states that we’re already at around 75%.

Gartner begins by stating that “Qualitest Group is a good fit for clients – particularly in healthcare, life sciences or banking markets”.  Our double-digit annual growth is noted.  Our listed strengths include our flexible partnership approach, using a customized approach that works with each client, and fits nicely with a partnership setting.

Another listed strength is that our clients praise (Gartner’s word) the quality of our people and our ability to build strong relationships with clients with frequent communication.

This is a great note for us to end the year on.  Having just celebrated Qualitest’s 20th anniversary, we look forward to continued recognition of the excellent work we do in our next 20 years.  And all of us know that we are the “secret sauce” that makes it all work, fortified by continuous improvement and our values.