Insights Blog The 15 Most Followed People in the QA Community


The 15 Most Followed People in the QA Community

We at Qualitest wanted to know which QA people were the most-followed Twitter users in the QA community (as of August 7, 2017).  A few people were removed from the list, due to barely tweeting in 2017, or if their tweets were mostly limited to article retweets without commentary and non-QA/IT topics (which are fine to discuss, but not what we were looking for in this article). So see if you recognize anyone on the list and perhaps you will find a new inspiration to follow/

While the Honorable Mentions are a little further down the list, the EvilTester attitude and the “flip” appearance of Huib Schoots’ name may make you realize that sometimes you need to stand out if you’re going to catch edge cases.

1. Mike Lyles, QA Director at Bridgetree


2. James Whittaker, Distinguished Engineer and Technical Evangelist at Microsoft


3. Michael Bolton, Lead Consultant at DevelopSense


4. James Bach, CEO and Principle Consultant at Satisfice, Inc.


5. Kyle Hartline, Assistant Test Lead at World of Warcraft


6. Elisabeth Hendrickson, VP Engineering, Big Data Suite at Pivotal Software, Inc.


7. Lisa Crispin, Tester at Pivotal Labs


8. Jason Huggins, Founder, Tapster Robotics


9. Scott Barber, Principal Quality Engineer at Salesforce


10. Richard Bradshaw, Director at Friendly Testing



11. Simon Stewart, Core contributor at Selenium


12. Anne-Marie Charrett, Consultant, Trainer and Coach at Testing Times


13. Rob Lambert, Vice President at Cultivated Management


14. Janet Gregory, Agile Coach and Process consultant at DragonFire Inc.


15. Jon Bach, Engineering Excellence Lead at eBay

Honorable Mentions


Alan Richardson, Agile Testing and Automation Consultant/ Selenium WebDriver Trainer/Exploratory Testing Coach at Compendium Developments


Huib Schoots (sʇooɥɔS qınH), Senior Test Consultant at Improve Quality Services