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The Art of Nurturing the Natural Best

Hardik Parekh came on board when Orasi Software Inc became a part of Qualitest in July 2018. Hardik was given the responsibility to lead the Mobile and IoT Business Solutions practice.

Hardik Parekh came on board when Orasi Software Inc became a part of Qualitest in July 2018. It was just a matter of a few months before Qualitest promoted him to the role of a Sr. Engagement Manager, responsible for multiple US-based accounts. In addition, Hardik was also given the responsibility to lead the Mobile and IoT Business Solutions practice.

What do you do in your current role and what do you like most about it?

In my current role as Associate Vice President in Bangalore India, I oversee Professional Services Delivery Management in US, UK and India. I am currently leading a team of about 125 people, spread across five different time zones.

What I like the most about my work is that it provides a platform to meet and interact with different personalities of people daily.

How did your transition from the US to India happen?

I am the first employee who moved to India as a part of Global Rotation Opportunities with Qualitest – the GROW initiative. The objective of this program is to provide employees comprehensive exposure, help individuals develop professionally, and shape the future leaders of this company.

Why did you decide to move back after 10 years?

I moved to India with a single goal in mind – to challenge myself. I feel privileged and lucky to have spent the last 10 years in the US. At the same time, I’m grateful for this opportunity and do not take it lightly. India is a talent hub for us, and our work will have a tremendous impact on the advancement and sustainability of the company in the coming years.

I am excited to share my experience with the India team as we move toward a more global-thinking organization. I also look forward to spending quality time with my family in India.

What do you enjoy doing when not working?

I am an avid reader and a binge-watcher, and I go by the quote “Kill Them With Success, Bury Them With a Smile” from my all-time favorite show, “Suits.”

I am a fitness enthusiast, mostly into cardio and weight training. I also enjoy going on hikes with my girlfriend.

I enjoy investing in real estate and stocks.

What motivates you to come back to the office?

Continual progress leads to motivation. I am determined to create an environment where people feel inspired to get to work, feel safe at work, and return satisfied from work. I believe this can be achieved by providing a fulfilling purpose, supporting a culture where teams are empowered to take responsibilities, giving autonomy and encouraging decentralized decision making.

I also relish the opportunity to help clients solve their business needs, undertake challenging assignments and in the process, make a difference in the lives of the people who are benefitting by our customer’s products.

How is working for Qualitest different from working elsewhere?

Here at Qualitest, we believe “Quality is Intentional”. We identify and anticipate customer needs, provide clear solutions and facilitate learning with the help of our global talent pool. We provide Quality Engineering and Testing Services like no other company in the market.

We are a company with a diverse leadership team that helps us solve problems faster, increases our creativity and empathy towards others. We have an aggressive expansion plan coupled with double-digit annual growth.

All of these make QT an excellent workplace for individuals to learn and flourish in their professional careers.

What are the things a leader needs to be able to add value to a multinational organization?

Leadership is the art of creating greatness in other people.

Find and follow your passion, and lead with Purpose – Know your Why.

Success comes from good judgment, good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment. Hence, don’t fear failures; instead, deal with them. Analyze them and think of them as stepping-stones to success.

Be a Go-Giver by providing selfless support to everyone you work with. I want to quote Nelson Henderson: “Plant trees under whose shades we don’t plan to sit.
Rather than getting the best out of your team, help them be at their natural best.