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Functional and Technical Testing Outsource

We at Qualitest are proud to have helped our client build their internal agile capability in an outsource engagement that was a great success for both our client and ourselves. It proved to be the most effective way for Piriform to raise their delivery capability without disrupting their on-going agile delivery cycle, and we continue to support Piriform.

Client Overview

Piriform is a privately owned software house based in London that develops cleaning and optimization software.

Business Needs and Objectives

Piriform was looking to provide a unique new product to manage and optimize multiple computers, via a cloud-based platform, directly from their web browsers. Piriform had concerns about the quality of their current testing capability. While there was an agile development methodology in place, it was felt that the quality of delivery from the sprints was not good enough and Piriform wanted to know why.  Testing would require the client’s provisioning of outsourced testing for PC optimization software: functional, technical, web, mobile testing and Selenium based automation.

The Qualitest Solution

Our Test Managed solution reviewed the agile delivery process and testing performed during an ongoing sprint and provided a high level testing review. As a result of this review Piriform asked us to transition their testing to our UK Test Center. Over 18 months, our remote team built the process and governance required within the agile development approach.  This included creating and automating core regression packs, raising the testing capability and then transitioning it back to Piriform.

Key Benefits

  • Raised quality of testing performed within the agile development approach without disrupting it
  • Improved testing efficiency by 50% from our UK Test Center
  • Increased level of testing governance and auditability
  • Identification of deficiencies within their outsourced development provider
  • Enabled Piriform to establish in-house development and core testing functions


[Qualitest] reviewed and successfully transitioned the user experience, compatibility and functional testing of our webbased PC software products. They succeeded in providing a significantly improved service, with less test resources, and I am more than happy to recommend them.”     — Richard, Head of IT