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Case Study

Qualitest Helps Make Your Home Smart

How do you build a smart home with Qualitest? Intelligently!


Client Overview

The client empowers companies of all sizes to deliver a great digital experience (DX) across web, mobileIoT and brick-and-mortar, spanning all customer touchpoints. Through its DX platform, the client delivers market insights, user feedback, and digital testing globally. This provides brands with the real-world insights for omni-channel success across demographics, locations, devices and operating systems that match their user base. Thousands of companies rely on this client to ensure their customers receive a wonderful DX.

Business Needs and Objectives

The client is building an open platform for smart homes and the consumer Internet of Things (IoT). The client makes a hub (sometimes called a “gateway” or “home controller”).  Their native mobile application allows users to control, automate, and monitor their home environment via mobile device. The application is configured to fit each user’s needs. The app’s setup area, accessible from the app’s dashboard, facilitates the process of adding new devices. Customers can use the app to connect multiple devices at once or follow a dedicated path to configure one device at a time.

There were around 80 scenarios for the mobile application for Android and iOS. A few were automated internally, while the rest required outside automation.  Newly automated scripts must be committed to GitHub pull request for review, after which it is added to the master code to be run in Jenkins.  The client needed assistance with test script creation and daily maintenance, which includes test management and mobile automation testing, as well as the utilization of Jenkins, uTest, JIRA, Slack, TestDroid, BrowserStack, Java, Appium, Page Object Model (POM) framework and GitHub, all in an Agile environment.

The Qualitest Solution

In order to increase the efficiency of testing on both Android and iOS, we have automated all the test cases using the POM framework. We had setup the environment in such a way that the latest code gets pulled from GitHub on a daily basis and was executed against the most recent application build.

Our solution helped the client to uncover the application bugs which were never uncovered by the usual testing. We also helped them to quickly mark a build stable / unstable on the basis of automation execution results.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased coverage by 39%
  • Reduced testing time by 10 hours per execution (including Android & iOS)
  • Caught 13% more bugs per month than before our involvement