Insights Blog Qualitest Managed Crowd Testing Solution Utilized to Run 24/7 Beta Test for New Flower Marketplace

Case Study

Qualitest Managed Crowd Testing Solution Utilized to Run 24/7 Beta Test for New Flower Marketplace

Qualitest’s Managed Crowd Testing found 260 bugs that had been missed by the client’s internal test team, a productivity gain of 500%.

Client Overview

The client develops the next generation online shopping solutions that focus on the backbone of the community’s retail life: small, local businesses and artisans.  Their innovative solutions include both the online retail channel and connectivity to the physical world, where commerce actually happens.

Business Needs and Objectives

The client designed a local flower delivery website for private clients which includes an extensive network of flower stores and a service dispatcher who controls orders and assigns them to the relevant suppliers. The client wanted to verify their new flower marketplace and run the tests throughout the day to validate functionality of the front-end while back office transactions were processed.

The Qualitest Solution

QualiTest defined a daily test plans and assigned a number of testers from the crowd community to run different tests each day and correlate the crowd testing with the client’s agile processes.

Each day, a new test plan was created to focus the crowd testers with the recent deployed functionality.

The Stats

Number of defects found: 260

Duration: 5 days

Key Benefits

  • Utilizing crowd testing helped the client to find a large number of bugs (260) that weren’t found by the internal test team.
  • New ideas and recommendation were submitted by the crowd to allow the client to improve both functionality and user experience.
  • Qualitest managed to utilize crowd testers 24 hours a day to validate several builds released every day. This helped the client to integrate crowd testing to their agile development processes.
  • Qualitest crowd tester productivity in defect reporting was 6 times more productive compared to the internal test team.


“QualiTest managed to reduce the overhead involved with running crowd testing cycles. They managed the process and reviewed each URL before it was submitted to us, which saved us a lot of hassle. The project was executed fast”.                    

Amir Gacoby, Head of IT