Insights Blog Qualitest Provides Non-Functional Testing for a Business Critical System Implementation

Case Study

Qualitest Provides Non-Functional Testing for a Business Critical System Implementation

Qualitest enabled our client to address their fundamental concerns around the performance and operability of their highly available systems, applications and supporting services, by delivering the quantifiable results.

Client Overview

Covéa Insurance is a P&C insurance company, covering home, vehicle and commercial insurance.  They have a 50-year plus history, currently employ around 1,500 people across 10 offices throughout the UK, and generated €17.2B across Europe in 2015.

Business Needs and Objectives

Covéa Insurance wanted to develop a new brand, direct-to-customer solution for their insurance products. The solution comprised of a customized client with hosted and developed applications, which would need to seamlessly integrate with existing client systems and a range of 3rd party technologies and products. Over 300 Non-Functional Requirements (NFRs) were identified during the design phase from maintainability, availability and recoverability to performance, usability, security and compliance. A robust and comprehensive non-functional test approach was required to ensure the right level of technical testing was delivered at the right time in the development life cycle to provide confidence that the design could satisfy the NFRs.

The Qualitest Solution

The non-functional testing effort included scoping, definition, design, implementation and analysis of a full range of technical tests.  We provided an experienced team of Non-Functional Test specialists, supported by our UK Test Center technical test services. Client requirements were reviewed and prioritized into 3 work streams:

  1. Installation and maintenance and security requirements
  2. Performance and usability requirements
  3. Failover and Recovery requirements (including full disaster recovery testing)

The team defined, planned and delivered a series of tests, working in collaboration with the development teams to ensure issues were identified, discussed and resolved swiftly to provide the necessary level of assurance that the solution was ready for live implementation.

Key Benefits

  • Covéa were able to launch with the confidence that their solution was supportable, maintainable, resilient and recoverable to avoid loss or disruption to customer service
  • Load and performance tests demonstrated the solution met scalability and capacity requirements and was sized correctly to support target volumetrics
  • Engagement with the Release Management and Operational Support Teams facilitated the definition, testing and sign-off the Production Control Procedures ahead of system Go-Live
  • Several fundamental architectural and infrastructure bottlenecks were identified and rectified early in development, significantly reducing delivery costs
  • We completed modeling and managed activities which significantly improved solution performance
  • We provided governance of 3rd party suppliers, ensuring compliance with program NFRs


“Through our involvement with the technical test team we have been able to develop a robust approach to assuring that our Non-Functional Requirements have been designed into the system. We have been presented with a clear and concise view on the coverage achieved and understand where to target additional test effort for future releases. The technical knowledge and flexible approach to testing have been absolutely crucial to the success of this project.”     — Shaun , Covéa Head of Product innovation