Insights Blog Qualitest Speeds V&V Process Through TPI with Dramatic Increases in Automation Test Coverage

Case Study

Qualitest Speeds V&V Process Through TPI with Dramatic Increases in Automation Test Coverage

When you’re an innovator in the medical technology world, you don’t want your commitment to QA-ing your products to unnecessarily slow your releases. Qualitest, with a deep understanding of the medical industry, helps improve your current test framework and expand your automation test coverage. We were able to develop and deliver reliability testing for the client which reduced the execution time by 90%.

Client Overview

The client’s work includes innovating clinical technology solutions which involve the design and manufacture of medical analysis equipment.  The company has existed for over 100 years, and had profits in 2014 exceeding €350 million.

Business Needs and Objectives

The client selected Qualitest to help drive Test Process Improvement (TPI) and dramatically increase test automation coverage in each quarter and speed up the V&V process.

The goals of the client included the following:

  • The test automation coverage would be greatly increased
  • The partner would work both as staffing model and as Fixed Price model
  • Select a QA partner who was reliable, trustworthy and experts in the software testing industry
  • Achieve an optimal level of automation for their application which consists of more than 2000+ test scripts
  • Create a testing solution that would decrease prices while increasing test coverage with the best resources for the job
  • Optimize the existing Test Automation Framework for better usability and support the AUT
  • The client also wanted their test engineers to execute the test automation scripts without having any prior programming knowledge

For the initial 2 weeks, Qualitest was engaged in understanding and analyzing the client application and test automation framework.  The current framework had many loopholes and issues which client wanted Qualitest to analyze and come up with a solution to fix.  The client also wanted to create scripts to handle reliability testing for the application.

The Qualitest Solution

After the initial assessment of the application and the test automation framework, QualiTest proposed a few modifications as well as updating the existing framework with well-defined documentation for the changes.  After multiple rounds of discussion, QualiTest successfully updated the existing framework which supported the client’s application with ease.

QualiTest also developed and delivered the reliability test (with 400 profiles) for the client which reduced the execution time from 3 months to 6 days, a 90% time savings.  Qualitest achieved this milestone with the help of 3 automation experts working together for 1 month.

A parallel effort involved the Fixed Pricing module to for the automation of 750 test scripts in 3 months.  These test scripts were generic so they could be executed for the multiple versions of the application, with few or no changes to the source code.

Qualitest also maintained and stabilized the scripts to achieve 60-70% consistency in the test automation scripts.

Some of the key functions performed by the Qualitest engineers include:

  • Identification and development of an in-depth understanding about the client’s applications and system architecture for the purpose of application test automation and improved reliability, regression and functional coverage through TestComplete and C#
  • Development of a scalable, maintainable and user-friendly TestComplete automation framework leveraging the Page Object Model methodology — This framework was especially designed to allow testing professionals who are not necessarily automation engineers to be involved in producing, executing, and analyzing the automation suite and test results
  • Reduction in the turnaround time of Functional, Reliability and Regression suite execution across the applications; in many cases this reduced the execution time from weeks to days to hours
  • Creation of scripts and scenarios to produce consistent, measurable and repeatable test scripts — These tests and scenarios are designed to mimic/ mirror the client’s manual execution of the test scripts and at the same time maintain the same reliability of test execution itself
  • QualiTest identified and developed solution for most of the time-consuming and repeated tasks/ work flows in clients Verification & Validation process