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Building a QMO: A Guide to QA Success

Building a QMO

Quality Assurance organizational change efforts require multiple workstreams along strategic, tactical, and operational levels. Each of these efforts must be organized and executed like any other Program. Indeed, even though Quality Assurance has historically been viewed as the last part of any software development lifecycle (SDLC), any QA organizational change must be proactive and align to your organization’s overall strategic objectives.

Most organizational-level workstreams will be comprised of testing and QA best practices. These can be executed incrementally by any QA executive. However, experience has shown that making operational changes only, in essence, “implementing QA best practices,” will have minimal effects on efficiency or effectiveness of your QA organization.

This document, written by Qualitest’s Michael Giacometti (AVP Solution Architect), will act as a guideline and roadmap to transform a QA department into a Quality Management Organization (QMO) that emphasizes speed, knowledge, and cost efficiencies by leveraging combinations of modern QA practices, shared services, and people domain knowledge. In general, these organizational changes take 12-18 months to fully implement. This whitepaper is broken up into the following sections:

  • Executive Summary
  • Getting Ready for QMO
  • Focus Areas and Activities
  • QMO Evolution
  • Conclusion

The content in this whitepaper is presented in such a way that it can be customized to the specific needs, regulations, and objectives of your organization. Information presented in this document is meant to act as a baseline to build your own QMO.

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