Insights Blog Making Quality Assurance the Enabler of Utilities’ Digital Transformation

White Paper

Making Quality Assurance the Enabler of Utilities’ Digital Transformation

This white paper will demonstrate that the key to success for transformation is when it is quality assurance-led; how technical debt, the friction to transformation, accrues when quality assurance is seen as an afterthought and how the digital quality assurance framework enables organizations to successfully implement quality assurance at speed and scale.

The challenges facing utilities have never been greater. Utilities are turning digital to meet the challenges of net zero, increased customer demands and the need for great operating efficiencies. To achieve this, they must embrace new sustainable energy sources, develop dynamic smart grids, and smart water networks. They will need to harvest data and become data driven organizations, create the conditions to accelerate innovation, and reimagine every part of their business.

This paper will discuss the role of quality assurance, a digital quality assurance strategy and a quality assurance framework to ensure the realization of the benefits of a digital transformation.


The 17-page white paper’s chapters include:

  • Utilities Go Digital
  • Digital Quality Assurance Strategy
  • Technical Debt
  • Digital Quality Assurance Framework

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