Life Sciences Quality Engineering Solutions

Life Sciences Quality Engineering Solutions

Life sciences can’t afford anything less than flawless quality engineering.

Ensuring digital health computerized systems compliancy, assuring the safety and FDA-compliancy of medical devices or derisking your transition of healthcare enterprise applications requires the right expertise. We have 20+ years of experience to help you achieve your goals.

How We Can Help You

Quality engineering to ensure the health of your business.

Qualitest helps pharma, medical devices and healthcare organizations deliver best in class quality of care. Through innovation, superior resources and quality engineering expertise, we’ll assure top performance for your systems and medical devices without risking your bottom-line health. We’re also here to ensure you get the green light with no obstacles in your way.


We’ll fast-track your software to the best health ever. Minimize your risk and maximize the potential of enterprise applications to improve patient care.

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Computerized system compliance is a critical element of the pharma industry. Our expertise in the pharma industry will guarantee your peace of mind.

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Medical Devices

Medical device failure can trigger expensive FDA recalls, jeopardize patient/operator safety and endanger life itself. Our rigorous verification & validation processes and software testing are your best protection.

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Qualitest Helps St. Andrew’s Healthcare Create Roadmap to Quality Engineering


The Client wanted to improve its rating on their customer-facing mobile app to help attract new members. After selecting a new solution, the client decided to convert in 4 months, as opposed to the standard 12-month timeline. Speed to market was essential, but thorough testing was required to ensure there were no critical defects in the new system upon release.


Qualitest obtained, organized and researched existing documents and applications to develop test scenarios for desktop, mobile, and data migration needs. We utilized a combination of Agile and Waterfall to move fast, yet efficiently. We managed test cases/execution as changes occurred throughout the project, up until release, to the tune of 4,274 test cases (both desktop and mobile) and delivered the app to market with no critical defects while aligning to the aggressive timeline.


The Client was able to achieve their aggressive deployment date, avoiding expense variances associated with project delays. Qualitest provided a complete QA test execution framework by developing a full test suite, UAT test suite, and regression suites that can be reused by the Client moving forward. The Client was able to offer an improved customer experience with a more efficient, user-friendly digital platform.

“From my experience working with the Qualitest team, Qualitest has grown into a powerhouse provider of overall software testing solutions, both in manual testing and in test automation. The very fact that they specialize in software testing only makes them uniquely positioned in this field and distinctly sets them apart from the rest of the competition in the same industry.”

— Robu Mohammad, Test Manager, Fuji Medical

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