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Panorama NovaView® Scorecards as Industry Benchmark

Panorama Software, a global leader in Proactive Business Intelligence (PBI) solutions, today announced results of a third-party performance benchmark evaluation conducted by QualiTest Group.
June 6, 2007

Panorama Software, a global leader in Proactive Business Intelligence (PBI) solutions, today announced results of a third-party performance benchmark evaluation conducted by the Qualitest Group, one of the largest independent global providers of software testing and quality assurance services. Qualitest Group evaluated Panorama NovaView® Scorecards and Dashboards – components of the Company’s flagship solution, Panorama NovaView®. The results of their analysis position Panorama NovaView® Scorecards as an industry-leading solution delivering solid performance results. The analysis was carried out using WebLOAD Professional from RadView Software. WebLOAD is a leading commercial grade performance testing tool, with 1,600 installations worldwide

The results of the independent benchmark performed by Qualitest using RadView’s WebLOAD software (www.radview.com) on May 27, 2007 indicated the following results from Panorama NovaView® Scorecards:

480 concurrent users (representing an average deployment of about approximately 5,000 total users*) creating and updating key performance indicators (KPIs) took 0.9 seconds;
950 concurrent users (approximately 10,000 total users) navigating, slicing and interacting with scorecards took 1.1 seconds; and
2,000 concurrent users (approximately 20,000 total users) logging in and opening a dashboard with the scorecard view took less than 3 seconds.

“We are thrilled at these notable results uncovered by Qualitest with WebLOAD, as it solidifies our market-leading position as the only company able to deliver Proactive Business Intelligence solutions that provide qualitative performance-driven results to information workers with extreme scale and performance,” said Eynav Azarya, CEO, Panorama Software. “Historically, performance benchmarks for Panorama focusing on analytics have also yielded incredible results. For example, the response time for 2,500 concurrent analytical users that interact heavily with data has never exceeded 3 seconds, which is a significant achievement, and one we are very proud of. Hitting this performance achievement is also a clear indication to our ability to deliver Proactive Business Intelligence by streamlining processes for information workers to ultimately enable organizations to focus on the relevant, take more structured actions and automate their routine.”

“The need for enterprise scorecard deployment is growing, as more and more organizations are looking to improve alignment of strategy and action, something that can only be achieved when all users track their performance against their objectives,” said Oudi Antebi, Vice President, Marketing and Strategy, Panorama Software. “In the past, BI vendors have not built their scorecard solution to scale because it was assumed the scorecard application was tailored only to the ‘elite’ user. Understanding where the market was heading, Panorama Software built Panorama NovaView® as a highly scalable application with powerful performance capabilities that supports mass deployments for a significant number of end users. We are confident we are the only company with the ability to offer these benchmark-setting performance results through our fully-featured PBI solution, and we invite other BI vendors, including Cognos and Business Objects, to try and beat the results we have achieved.”

“Qualitest conducted this performance benchmark for Panorama NovaView Scorecards based on a request from one of our customers, and our findings exceeded every expectation setting a new precedent in the market,” said David Sidon, Manager, Performance Testing and Engineering, Qualitest Group. “Moreover, our analysis of Panorama NovaView Scorecards demonstrates Panorama’s ability to bridge a gap in the market, offering information workers a more sophisticated means to improve performance results.”

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