About News Center Qualitest Partners with Datagaps Inc. to Deliver DevOps for Data Through an Innovative AI-Driven Codeless Automation for Data Quality, Reconciliation and Business Intelligence Platforms


Qualitest Partners with Datagaps Inc. to Deliver DevOps for Data Through an Innovative AI-Driven Codeless Automation for Data Quality, Reconciliation and Business Intelligence Platforms

The partnership will help Qualitest’s enterprise customers trust their most valuable asset - data to drive their digital transformation plans and long-term growth.
September 6, 2022

Qualitest, the world’s leading AI-powered quality engineering company, announces today that it has partnered with Datagaps Inc. (https://www.datagaps.com), the leading provider of codeless AI automation solutions for enterprise data platforms, enabling customers to achieve 100% data reconciliation of all data flows and migrations, monitoring data quality of source systems to improve trust in business decisions, highlighting data anomalies and variations through data observability and automated verification and validation of Business Intelligence reports.

Data volumes are growing exponentially. Last year, market research and intelligence firm IDC predicted that the world will create as much data in the next three years as it did in the previous 30. With various IOT ecosystems implemented, the world is producing 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day.  MIT Sloan predicts that globally, firms may be losing up to 25% of revenue due to poor quality data and a lack of automated controls for data reconciliation.

Datagaps and Qualitest take a shift-left approach to data reconciliation by implementing an automated DevOps for Data pipeline. This approach integrates the codeless automation of data validation across all the layers of data at source, data in motion, data at rest and data in consumption. Through this partnership, both organizations are aiming to bring data quality at speed for their customers, validating 100% of the enterprise data lifecycle up to 1000X faster than current manual test methodologies. Datagaps’ DataOps suite enables these objectives by integrating with 50+ data sources, such as on-prem databases, cloud datalakes and lakehouses, APIs, file systems and data integration and BI engines to deliver a transparent view of data quality trends for business acceptance and improved trust in data.

“Qualitest’s breadth of experience in delivering data quality, reconciliation and test data management solutions is remarkable and was a natural attraction for us to partner with to bring a unified approach of DevOps for Data solution to the market,” said Narendar Yalamanchilli, Co-Founder at Datagaps.

“The data ecosystem is fast changing with the adoption of cloud platforms, lakehouses, data mesh and data fabric-based solutions. Automation of data quality reconciliation was the missing puzzle in truly achieving DevOps, not just for applications and interfaces, but also for the underlying ecosystem of data, which is a huge pre-requisite for powerful AI solutions to work effectively,” said Anbu Muppidathi, Qualitest President and CEO. “By partnering with Datagaps, we will be able to offer our clients an innovative solution to monitor and validate data quality through its entire lifecycle from generation to consumption.”


About Qualitest

Founded in 1997, Qualitest offers a wide range of AI-powered quality engineering solutions designed to mitigate the business risk associated with digital adoption. Qualitest achieves this by deploying engagement models tailored to the precise quality engineering needs of technology platforms in the financial services, telecom, healthcare, insurance, tech, media, and utility industries. It has operations in the US, UK, Germany, Romania, Israel, Argentina, Mexico, and Portugal and serves over 250 blue-chip customers worldwide. Qualitest is majority-owned by international private equity group Bridgepoint, which acquired the company in October 2019 via its €5.7 billion flagship fund, BE VI. To learn more about Qualitest, visit www.qualitestgroup.com.

About Datagaps

Datagaps was founded in 2010 to build trust in enterprise data and reports, specializing in delivering software for ETL Data Automation, Data Synchronization, Data Quality, Data Transformation, Test Data Generation, and BI Test Automation. Datagaps is an innovative company focused on providing the highest customer satisfaction. For more information, please visit https://www.datagaps.com.

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