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Qualitest Partners with PractiTest to Deploy Better-Managed Comprehensive Solutions

Qualitest, world’s largest pure play software testing and quality assurance specialist, announces its new strategic partnership with PractiTest.
May 22, 2017

QualiTest Group, the world’s largest pure play QA and independent software testing company, today announced the expansion of its testing capabilities through a strategic partnership with PractiTest, an Israeli-based leading provider of test management services. PractiTest’s end-to-end test management platform delivers full visibility of testing projects and will be integrated into QualiTest’s existing offerings to support its testing teams across all industries it has a presence in.

“Partnering with PractiTest showcases our commitment to providing the most comprehensive software testing service available,” said QualiTest VP of Global Alliances and UK Business Manager, Aviram Shotten. “This partnership is an important step in improving our own operations and constantly innovating in our effort to stay ahead of the curve by enabling QualiTest customers to organize, manage, and scale testing projects.”

The test management services provided by PractiTest will enable QualiTest to provide its consistent trademark quality even as its customers’ products become increasingly complex. PractiTest’s services will allow QualiTest to deliver expanded and better-managed Agile Testing, Regression Testing, Microservices, and DevOps offerings, to its testing services both during and after product deployment.

“QualiTest for us was an easy choice given the name that precedes them around the world. When looking for partners we search not only for market leaders but also for companies that, just like PractiTest, are both innovators and thought leaders in their field,” said Noa Segol, PractiTest Marketing Director. “QualiTest’s broad presence worldwide was also a deciding factor as we want to know that we have a strong partner in any country and culture where PractiTest may be used.”

About QualiTest Group

QualiTest is the world’s largest pure play software testing and quality assurance specialist. QualiTest designs and delivers solutions that leverage deep industry-specific understanding with cutting-edge, testing technology. QualiTest offers a wide range of personalized testing solutions with years of expertise in the technology, telecom, healthcare, finance, defense, media, utilities and retail industries. With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel and India, the company serves over 500 customers and employs thousands of experienced professionals worldwide. QualiTest is backed by majority equity holder, Marlin Equity Partners since 2016.

About PractiTest

PractiTest is a test management solution, that enables teams to manage their testing projects end-to-end. PractiTest ensures immediate visibility of every aspect of product testing, while communicating a clear view of project status to relevant stakeholders. The system is flexible and fully customizable, which is ideal when managing teams with increasing testing complexity. Various integrations with leading bug tracking systems and automation tools are available built-in and via REST API. This makes PractiTest the most powerful test management tool for your growing team.

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