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Transform your security posture before attackers do.


Today’s malicious hackers never let up. To mitigate risk, you must identify and resolve vulnerabilities fast—and on a continuous basis—before anyone can exploit them. Now you can, with Qualitest and Bugcrowd.

Find vulnerabilities other tools miss.

The SaaS-based, all-in-one Bugcrowd Platform brings crowdsourcing, rapid triage, and data-driven insights to multiple security use cases, keeping all your digital assets secure and resilient throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Your Benefits

Continuous resilience, delivered.

The Bugcrowd Platform eases the burden on overstretched security teams, enabling you to mitigate risk sooner and more completely with less effort. The first of its kind, it uniquely combines ML-driven crowd matching, contextual insights, automated security workflows, and rapid triage to slash your time to market.


See everything.

Understand the far reaches of your attack surface better than your attackers do.


Find more.

Rely on a global community of trusted researchers to find issues in near real-time that scanners and other approaches miss.


Fix faster.

Remediate early across your SDLC through pre-built integrations with JIRA, GitHub and ServiceNow.


Verify & prioritize.

Always know which bugs to fix first, informed with contextual insight, and manage by our in-house triage team.

The role of QA in a scaled agile environment

Products by Bugcrowd include:

  • Bugcrowd Bug Bounty, which incentivizes uniquely skilled hackers to creatively and continuously test an organization’s assets and applications.
  • Bugcrowd Vulnerability Disclosure Programs (VDPs), which enable organizations to securely accept, triage and rapidly remediate vulnerabilities submitted from the global security researcher community to meet compliance and reduce risk.
  • Bugcrowd’s platform-powered penetration-testing-as-a-service, which helps organizations discover, prioritize, and fix hardest-to-find vulnerabilities faster—continuously and on-demand—with methodology-based pen testing or pay-for-results incentives.
  • Bugcrowd Attack Surface Management (ASM), which enables companies to identify, categorize all Internet-exposed technologies, prioritize vulnerabilities, and resolve the state of previously unknown assets before they’re discovered by attackers.

Hummingbird Protects Clients’ Compliance Data with Bugcrowd


Hummingbird needed to ensure the security of sensitive and highly regulated data within its compliance platform that streamlines case work and management processes associated with anti-money laundering, anti-fraud, disputes, and testing.


Hummingbird engaged Bugcrowd before it had any active customers. “The Bugcrowd Platform let us combine agile methodologies and statistical models to detect, making our program far more adaptive and responsive to new threats,” says Jesse Reiss, Co-Founder and CTO at Hummingbird. “Bugcrowd continues to offer the best services for validating submissions while avoiding spurious effort.”


Bugcrowd provides Hummingbird a crowdsourcing-powered SaaS platform for multiple security solutions at a simple, predictable price. With the power of the Crowd on their side, Hummingbird enjoys more high value vulnerabilities, a lower cost per finding, and an overall faster time to fix. Reiss adds, “Bugcrowd introduces a failsafe layer that reduces the likelihood of a single failure becoming an incident.”

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