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Code Triage

Secure your product from day one.

A cultural, methodological, human-intensive change is required to make security fit your goals and adapt to the newly rapid development methodologies. We’ll ensure your software is born ready and bred to be secured.

Your Benefits

Get ready for tomorrow, today.

About 90% of security incidents result from attackers exploiting known software bugs. Eliminating those bugs early in the development phase could reduce the security risks facing many organizations today. Combining that knowledge with our advanced security capabilities will give you the best security solutions for your product.

Qualisense Code Triage

Improve security against threats.

Protect your products from hackers and potential threats.


Discover vulnerabilities early on.

Give your organization the big picture perspective regarding your product security and enhance your development team’s efficiency.


Speed up time to market.

Early security testing preparations may prevent delays and accelerate Time To Market


Increase brand trust.

Early detection of your product’s vulnerabilities will provide your customers a better user experience. 

Qualisense Code Triage
Our Features

Shift left cyber.

As a part of the SDLC, we have developed a framework for integrating security in every step of the way, meeting you wherever you are on the journey to rapid development. As part of our rich Quality Assurance skills and experience we’ve developed thousands of test cases that cover your product’s top vulnerabilities in most platforms.



Secure your product during all phases of the product life cycle.


Tailored-Made Security

Adapt security methodologies to your goals and needs.


Wide Security Cover

Secure a wide range of vulnerabilities in almost every platform.


SAST, DAST, and IAST Capabilities

Build your advanced security testing package.


Effective Automation

Successfully test in a highly-automated development environment and set-up scan automation with code collaboration.

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