Roaming Testing

Roaming Testing

Roaming Testing

International roaming, a key growth area for operators, is complicated to test. With the increasing demand for constant connectivity and quality of service while roaming abroad, Qualitest helps you implement the right testing solution required for earning your clients’ trust with proven accurate billing and reaching your business goals.

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Roaming Testing

Roaming Testing demands wide coverage of OS’s, devices, countries and individual users to uncover any and all irregularities.  In addition, revenue and fraud leakage must be found and corrected, as this costs the industry around $23B annually. Key revenue risk areas include the accuracy of billing roaming call usage, roaming partner network traffic steer, QoS and SIM box fraud detection. Through deep understanding of Roaming Testing needs, Qualitest has found a joint solution with BluGem Communications, to address all of these concerns.

Mobile Telecom is Big Business in Constant Flux

Mobile telecoms is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, accounting for $1.23T in 2015 revenues, which works out to $171 per person globally. Mobile data is set to account for more than half (56%) of global roaming revenues, generating as much as $50B by 2019. Company mergers, an explosion in data growth needs (and swelling underlying network backbone), and inconsistent network coverage complicate testing. The savior to telecom’s greatest rival (cable) is OTT services, especially SVoD’s like Netflix, which amplify telecom subscriber data appetite, while pushing for constant connectivity and consistent QoS. But profit margins continue to be squeezed for providers.

Industry Concerns

You need a reliable testing service with deep industry knowledge and technology specific testing competencies, capable and experienced in both crowd testing to ensure proper functionality and QoS of different devices with different OS’s in different locations, and accurate test call generation to prevent revenue and fraud leakage using a roaming Sim Server solution.

A seamless roaming solution is essential for customer satisfaction, with no operator wanting to lose market share with complaints about the availability and operation of their outbound roaming services.  Using roaming partners to run performance network tests can be time-consuming due to the coordination of resources and management. Likewise, achieving wide coverage is a challenge.

Roaming rate reductions worldwide hurt telecoms revenue. Failure or seeming failure to comply with current rates or roll-out of rate changes can lead to revenue loss from lost customers, federal fines, and/or costly billing refunds. Also, any real or perceived problems in up-streaming, down-streaming, QoS or billing at home or abroad may severely damage your customer retention.

Qualitest & BluGem’s Roaming Test Solution

Through our partnership, Qualitest and BluGem have created an innovative Roaming Test Solution, combining our Managed Crowd Testing Service with TCG test automation that will ensure customer satisfaction standards are met. This  solution is far more flexible and cost effective than legacy models.

We have a long history of delivering to the largest network operators worldwide, as well as a wealth of experience in all aspects of mobile telecom testing, specifically: Network Integration, UAT & Device Testing, Regulatory Compliance, back office/billing/CRM, Governance and Control. 

We strengthen these services with Crowd Testing and Sim Server TCG, designed to protect your revenue and give you the coverage your business demands.

Qualitest’s Real User Experience Testing, empowered by Managed  Crowd Testing:

  • This solution leverages the power of Qualitest’s crowd of 2.5 million-strong professional testers in over 220 countries across 40 platforms, duplicating the real end-to-end experience across a wide and diverse pool.  Real user experience testing can be performed to target specific roaming issues and project requirements, regression purposes, as well as upstream and downstream testing of SMS, voice and data. Finally, your crowd can be created to meet your specific requirements with a cross section of demographics, locations and languages, as a subset of one of the world’s largest global roaming test service solutions.

BluGem’s Automated Real-Time Test Call Generator, empowered by Roaming Sim Server:

  • The automation solution uses real-time Test Call Generators (TCG) with full end-to-end CDR reconciliation and rating, with units located around the globe. Tests are automatically executed using live connections to each of the test handsets, with each call result reported immediately and rated independently. Calls are timed within 100 milliseconds accuracy and in accordance with Telecom regulation guidelines (BABT accredited test system).
  • Roaming Sim Server offers the ability to switch Sim cards remotely without physical presence at the remote locations of the deployed TCG test units. The Sim cards are stored virtually and controlled by a single central Sim Server Solution. This provides complete rating assurance by enabling the operator to test a multitude of tariff plans with total rating reconciliation for roaming charges, and call usage via CDR reconciliation.

How it works and the Deliverables

Our Solutions

Sample Engagement Model:

Short audit test service

(1 month)

  • Choose roaming test countries
  • Agreed audit test cases in each country – Data/Voice/SMS etc.
  • Joint service performed by TCG & Crowd as required
  • Full KPI summary report

Full audit test service

(3, 6, or 9-months)

  • Full audit – as above with more countries and test cases
  • Combined real user experience by Crowd and TCG
  • Weekly and monthly summary KPI reports

Annualized service

(1 or multiple years)

  • Combined real user experience by Crowd and TCG/SIM server
  • Monthly agreed SLAs
  • Included re-active roaming fault finding
  • Cover all countries and test cases based on revenue priority

“Working with Qualitest enabled us to launch our mobile brand in a very short period of time, with the confidence that it was a reliable and high-quality product.”

— Patricio Lobos, Quam Director of Argentina


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