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7 Ways to Evaluate an Offshore Software Testing Company

Global Delivery Managed Testing Services QA Optimization

How can you find an offshore software testing company that both fits your needs and seamlessly collaborates with your in-house team?

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Case Study

On-Shore Managed Service Solution (OMSS) Helps a Fortune 100 Company Improve Quality and Reduce Cost

Global Delivery Managed Testing Services

The testing project was chosen by the client due to problems with team integration, inflexible staffing (variable work loads), lack of formal knowledge and of course issues of cost reductions. Some alternatives had been evaluated by the client including on-shore and off-shore solutions. After a long evaluation process and some bad experiences with previous off-shore projects, the client selected Qualitest’s On-site Managed Service Solution (OMSS) upon seeing the advantages of being close to the development teams.

Case Study

Qualitest Delivers Regression Testing for Atkins – Service Desk Online – Incident Solution

Global Delivery Project-Based Testing

Atkins required a regression test of their web-based Service Desk Online (SDO) service, specifically the area that dealt with Incidents. Through the QTC’s cost-efficient model, Qualitest were able to achieve this, delivering remote testing, removing the need for site presence and keeping costs down.

Case Study

Qualitest Automation Makes for Better Solutions

Global Delivery Telecom Test Automation

Qualitest works with a telco client to bring their Automation up to speed.

Case Study

Off-Shore Resourcing

Global Delivery Retail

A client started a project that would replace most of their back end systems, risking the integrity of every system feeding from it, while utilizing a popular open source business application. Would the budget-sensitive project survive the client’s first engagement of formal, external testing?

Case Study

Qualitest Validates Intranet Functionality for a Fortune 500 Pharma Company

Global Delivery Healthcare QA Optimization

Qualitest works with a bio-pharmaceutical company and leverages our expertise to overhaul and update previous testing processes and strategies. Leveraging Qualitest’s Right-Shore model, the client was able to ramp up on-site and remote QA resources quickly and efficiently.

Case Study

Saving the Day by Using an On-Shore/Off-Shore Testing Combination

Global Delivery Telecom

The client maintains Qualitest as a primary QA consultant to ensure that all the services related to the company work as required for all users across the globe. After evaluating the customer’s requirements, Qualitest created a test approach based on an off-shore team assisted by an on-shore team to get physical access to devices.

White Paper

The Cost of Testing Solutions: Onshore Testing vs. Offshore Testing Survey Results

Global Delivery QA Optimization

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How to Test Your Blaster

Global Delivery

Your tender has been placed with the major suppliers for the next generation of blasters to equip your force with. Learn how the QTC Blaster Test Facility is able to verify that the products supplied are able to meet the tender specification.

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