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Media digital transformation and quality engineering

How Quality Engineering Fast-Tracks Digital Transformation in the Media Industry

Digital Transformation Media & Entertainment

Digital transformation in media has impacted everyone. There can be numerous ways in which enterprises can speed-up this process, and quality engineering is pivotal to its success.

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hand holding a remote control in front of tv screen

Media & Entertainment: 7 Reasons to Up Your Identity Management Testing Game Right Now

Media & Entertainment

Why identity management testing is a vital step in securing users’ personal data and your content against theft while providing a seamless subscriber experience.

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Case Study

Qualitest Helps Leading American Broadcasting Company Automate Reporting, Drive Strategic Business Plan

Media & Entertainment Qualiview Test Automation

Qualitest created automated real-time dashboards to cut reporting time to practically zero.

Online Dating
Case Study

Online Dating Company Significantly Speeds Up Time to Market and Delivers Digital Confidence with Advanced Automation

Media & Entertainment Qualiview Test Automation

The Client is an industry leader in innovative and unique online dating services, connecting millions of people around the world.

Case Study

Qualitest Enables a Seamless Digital Transformation for a World-Leading Weather App

App & Web Media & Entertainment Scaled Agile

To serve its immense global market and maintain its reputation for exceptional accuracy, the Client embarked on a digital transformation that would provide fast, accurate, user-friendly, defect-free software.

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Qualitest Delivers Real World Testing Under Real World Conditions to Unisfair

App & Web Media & Entertainment Telecom

The client needed to identify issues encountered in the “real world” that affected the quality of the broadcasts, specifically focusing on elements such as the smoothness of transitions and the general user functionality and experience throughout the broadcasts.

Case Study

Qualitest Enables DevOps through Test Automation for Leading News Agency

Media & Entertainment Test Automation

The client contacted Qualitest to help drive test process improvement and dramatically increase test automation coverage. Qualitest and the Client decided on a Results Based Testing (RBT) approach, with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and a contractual Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Case Study

Qualitest Assists UK-Based News Company with Mobile Testing Efforts

App & Web Managed Crowd Testing Media & Entertainment

News UK needed assistance testing their Android and iOS mobile apps linked to their digital and traditional news publications. Unhappy customer reviews suggested that device and OS fragmentation bugs which had been missed during initial testing, and a new testing adventure needed to begin.

Case Study

Qualitest Validates Media Company’s Entry into Service Oriented Architecture

Media & Entertainment SOA

The client decided to implement a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model that identified over 100 web services and an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) involving 17 new and existing systems to communicate with each other.

Case Study

Digital Media Advertiser Selects Qualitest for its Website Testing Services

App & Web Media & Entertainment

After rapid rollout of multiple sites, TIG realized that they needed help conducting thorough, professional functional testing (including mobile testing) on a tight timeline and within budget with a fixed price structure. Would they find a way that worked?

Case Study

Qualitest Performs Load Test for Leading E-learning Provider

Load & Performance Media & Entertainment

Qualitest was approached by a large scale online e-learning system to assist in achieving the maintenance of its mission-critical application at peak performance and scalability levels. The application capacity was also an unknown risk because the system did not contain any solid, well-framed methodology for predicting system behavior and performance under real-time stress.

Case Study

Qualitest Tests Website Vulnerabilities for an Entertainment Company

App & Web Cyber Security Media & Entertainment

Qualitest was asked to test the website for one of India’s biggest entertainment groups. Was it found to have no vulnerabilities? No. But now they can relax knowing that their risks have been identified and successfully fixed.