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The Most Common Website Bugs

Curious about where the most bugs on websites are occurring? Qualitest has gathered information from the logs in their Quality Management Tool to learn more about bug trends.

Websites and online usage are becoming the predominant form of interaction in our society in essentially all aspects, from social media to news to e-commerce. In fact, in 2013, 47% of consumers reported that they would prefer the Internet as a shopping destination, strongly overtaking the 37% who preferred a physical shopping experience.

As a result of more websites, QualiTest has seen an upsurge in requests for website testing projects, amongst the numerous other testing services that we perform. Over the course of 2014, QualiTest’s Quality Management Tool (QMT) has logged and stored the bug summaries from hundreds of website testing projects performed by QualiTest. We thought that the resultant statistics about the most common types of bugs were pretty interesting, and wanted to share them with you. Our graphs show the most common types of bugs, as well as the OS in which the most bugs were found
The Most Common Website Bugs

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  • 34% of bugs found on websites are functional. >>tweet<<

  • 47% of bugs found in websites are browser specific. >>tweet<<

  • 70% of bugs are found on cycle 1 vs. 30% on cycle 2. >>tweet<<

  • Security bugs are the least common bugs discovered during website testing. Click to find out which are the most common bugs.  >>tweet<<

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