Insights Blog Unleash the Power of GUI Testing with our Cheatsheet!


Unleash the Power of GUI Testing with our Cheatsheet!

Does your GUI struggle with usability and functionality flaws? QualiTest's cheatsheet helps to find bugs and usability issues!

When performing software testing on any kind of system, it can be difficult to know where to start. This can be particularly true when testing Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), which are the interfaces that are used to interact with software programs and hardware devices. While such things as aesthetic appeal can be obvious to be tested, it can be more complicated to handle such difficulties as domain size and sequence testing.

QualiTest has mapped 131 generic items that are intrinsic to ensuring that the GUI aspect of a software program is ready to be deployed, and divided these items into 7 categories that should be tested. At the end of this post, there is a link to download your copy of the GUI cheatsheet.

  1. Window Compliance: Ensuring that the window functionality works accurately
  2. Screen Validation: Ensuring that text boxes, command button, drop-down list box, and other features work accurately
  3. Aesthetic Conditions: The application should be attractive!
  4. Validation Conditions: The GUI validates input data to ensure that all data and actions are valid.
  5. Navigation Conditions: Ensuring that the GUI’s navigation works accurately
  6. Usability Conditions: Ensuring that the GUI works efficiently for the users to work effectively in minimal time
  7. Field Validations: Ensuring that certain aspects of the system, including mouse position capture and event capture, works accurately

Note: Depending on size, complexity, and corporate policies, modify the steps to meet your specific GUI testing needs.

For the complete GUI checklist, click here: QualiTest GUI Testing Cheatsheet.