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ACCELQ offers AI-powered codeless test automation and management built on a cloud-native platform. ACCELQ provides a unified platform for web, mobile, API, database, and packaged apps. Automation-first, codeless capabilities make it easy to use for testing teams without deep programming expertise. ACCELQ allows businesses to achieve 3x productivity and over 70% savings with its industry-first autonomics-based automation platform.

Your Benefits


ACCELQ is the only tool in the market with a holistic view of codeless philosophy. Most codeless test automation tools in the market today are oversimplified and take a narrow view of testing complexity. Black-boxed approaches don’t go too far. ACCELQ brings the discipline, flexibility, and power of conventional code-based setup into the codeless world.

Mobile performance testing


ACCELQ allows testers to freely develop test logic without worrying about the programming syntax. Complex test logic can be developed without losing the simplicity of natural language.



With the design-first approach, ACCELQ softly enforces modularity and reusability in the development of test assets. Change management is facilitated through built-in best practices.



ACCELQ codeless is not just limited to writing test logic with natural interface. Same, simplified approach is applied for every significant aspect of test automation. Element identification is visual and intuitive, with an ability to handle iframes and other dynamic controls. Data definition is completely functional, test case generation is automated, test plans are logical, and business driven.


For real-world.

In ACCELQ, codeless is designed to support advanced interactions and logic development capabilities. Dynamic web pages, database validations, API verifications and middleware automation are included with same, simple and natural interface.



Test assets are completely natural without imposing any rigid language semantics. Anyone with functional knowledge can develop and understand test automation.


No vendor locks.

ACCELQ’s natural language abstraction generates a properly readable and readily executable java code; just like a well-designed and programmed code-based approach. Sign up with the confidence that you are not stuck with proprietary custom technology.



ACCELQ codeless platform is completely extendible, and the extension capabilities are as natural. Extension interface is consistent, with a simple annotation-based system, thus making it impossible to differentiate extension capabilities vs. native capabilities.

Testing of AI
Our Features

The ACCELQ difference.

Simple to adopt and elegantly designed, with the power to give your testing real acceleration. Achieve sustainable automation with no technical barriers. It’s amazing what AI can do!


In-Sprint Automation Without the Need for Programming

Develop automation test logic in plain English concurrently with application development. Address in-sprint volatility with intelligent change management and a powerful reconciliation engine.


Enable Manual Testers to Automate Testing

A powerful natural language editor allows you to write test automation logic in plain English. Design-first approach on a UX-driven platform enables manual testers to scale up without a learning curve.


Visual Application Model for Lifecycle Automation

ACCELQ’s Universe is a visual blueprint of your application and drives automation across the quality lifecycle with a business process focus. Develop test scenarios with predictive analytics.


Self-Healing Autonomic Test Automation

ACCELQ’s analytic runtime engine ensures a reliable test execution by intelligently adapting to unexpected application changes. Design-first approach ensures Robust element ID based on AI.


UI, API, Mobile, and Desktop Automated in the Same Flow

Unique capability to integrate UI, API, Mobile, and Desktop testing in the same flow, enabling true end-to-end validation without handoffs. API testing at the same simplicity and regression maturity as UI automation.


Automated Test Case Generation and Data Planning

Design your data behaviour on a canvas and let ACCELQ take care of automated test case generation with proven risk coverage assurance. Centrally manage data changes without impacting test cases.


Built-In Test Management and Planning Capabilities

With automation embedded as an integral part of test management, track Development, Test, and Quality readiness on a continuous and actionable basis. Develop dynamic test plans based on requirements or risk factors.


Seamless CI/CD Integration and Natural Traceability

Native integration with CI/CD tools such as Jira and Jenkins ensures that test automation is integral to the development lifecycle. Traceability is redefined with the intelligent, connected test repository.


World Leading Airline Relies on ACCELQ Platform for Enterprise-Wide Test Automation & Continuous Testing


The Client was facing:

  • Legacy custom frameworks for varied technology stack.
  • Constantly chasing programming skill set and resources.
  • Challenges with reliable test execution, extremely dynamic content.


ACCELQ comes embedded with an application model-based framework that significantly optimizes reusability and brings maintenance efficiencies. ACCELQ adoption brought accessibility of automation for the entire functional testing team, including manual testers. ACCELQ changed automation from being a specialist function to mainstream. ACCELQ element explorer allowed the Client to build complex element structures with little effort.


Following the successful engagement the Client achieved the following:

  • 3x Faster Releases at higher quality.
  • 70% Significant Cost and Effort Reduction and over 80% re-use of automation assets.
  • In-sprint automation & alignment with Continuous Integration.
  • Test Automation assets on the cloud aligned with Business process and Application flow.
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