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Enable E2E automation powered by robots.

 A Qualitools product

Software and hardware already enable some of today’s most amazing innovation. Home automation, smart appliances and car infotainment, smart meters and payment devices, smart kiosks, connected medical devices and remote laboratories.

Our experts can quality engineer it all, as well as automate the newest emerging use cases.


Your Benefits

Automate physical and digital.

Qualibot is a next gen automated tool that enables end to end (E2E) test automation in a Phygital (physical + digital) world. Qualibot performs hardware automation and integrates with software automation tools like Selenium, Appium, UFT and TOSCA to achieve E2E automation.

smart kiosk

Accelerated device rollout.

Achieve 40% time reduction in your device rollout by automating hardware testing and end to end testing.


Automate interoperability testing.

Achieve continuous testing during interoperability testing through E2E automation of smart devices and applications.


Advanced BI and AI with Qualitools.

Achieve real time progress and advanced reporting to ensure visibility using Qualiview and AI-driven test optimization with Qualisense.

robotic arm
Our Features

Qualibot can do a lot.

Qualibot has everything you need to create automated and robotic innovations that work beautifully smoothly from the get-go and maintain high performance with platform agnosticism and precision testing. 



Qualibot is designed with a 3-axis robot and a precision camera to make it versatile for different Phygital use cases.



  • Interact with touch screens
  • Interact with hardware like buttons/knobs
  • Provide voice commands


  • Make intelligent assertions
  • Perform optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Listen and respond to voice commands


Qualibot features are technology independent and can integrate with any software automation tool for seamless E2E testing.


Remote access

Qualibot enables remote testing and access to smart devices through web interface.



Qualibot can perform touch screen interactions like click and swipe; push button functions like click and long press; it can handle voice commands; rotate knob, and insert.

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