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Knowledge is power. Qualihub is power management.

 A Qualitools product

Qualihub is a key online knowledge management tool that provides valuable and specific knowledge assets, facilitating your transition or migration activities.

Your Benefits

Knowledge is most effective when it is used in the right way.

With Qualihub you can rest assured that knowledge is never lost, but used effectively to enhance your business, provide you with invaluable assets and increasing your efficiency.


Save time and effort.

Sit back while we do the heavy lifting of knowledge gathering and its compilation of useful knowledge assets for you.


Get effective audits.

Take advantage of regular joint audits that ensure that your knowledge assets are always up to date.


Secure your operation.

Preserve your knowledge and assure your business continuity despite attrition.

Our Features

Gather knowledge efficiently to support your key activities.

Qualihub is a knowledge management solution that provides mutually valuable assets, facilitating your transition or migration activities and minimizes disruption.


Shared Resource

Qualihub enables joint audits and content management. It’s also fully customizable with logos, color scheme, company landing page and content.


Knowledge Gathering Framework

Qualihub is strategically designed and templated to facilitate gathering all tacit and explicit knowledge, enabling both a central knowledge repo as well as reducing ramp up times with better onboarding/training.


Compliant with Information & Data Policies

We take full ownership of ensuring your data is safe, secure and up to date by conducting duly audits and archiving any old data.


Qualitest Overcomes Knowledge Documentation Barrier, Minimizes Disruption for Financial Services Software Provider


Qualitest was engaged to deliver managed services remotely from the Client’s Delivery Centers while minimizing disruption to the Client. However, the Client’s incumbent testing partners had taken a very lax approach to knowledge documentation and had failed to maintain their regression scripts in even the most basic of ways.


Qualitest devised Qualihub to minimize disruption to the Client in terms of supporting additional testers and transferring knowledge, and allowed all project work to continue as normal, while achieving knowledge transfer and upskilling in the shortest possible timeframe.


The Client appreciated this approach that not only facilitated knowledge handover with minimal disruption, but also allowed Qualitest time to recruit the right people, train them offsite and minimize expenses for the Client.

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