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Software testing solutions you can take to the bank.

Banking apps are complex, with fintech platforms and digitization disrupting the market. Gain control with cutting-edge, cost-effective quality assurance. Our scalable testing solutions are right on the money.

how we can help you

We know money matters.

We know how banks operate and how to optimize the wide range of applications they use, including specialized banking software such as Temenos. Our in-depth industry expertise and QA skills will help drive benefits like these.

Reduce regression testing up to 80%.

Speed up releases 
up to 6x.

Increase efficiency
by up to 40%.

Streamline operations
and improve customer retention.

Your Benefits

Meet multiple challenges with our singular quality focus.

In 20+ years as a leader in QA & software testing, we’ve successfully managed projects for numerous top global banking institutions. We know how to help banking/financial services professionals like you meet the industry’s unique challenges.

Integrate multiple systems and platforms.

We know how to make multiple complex systems, including legacy and external, third-party platforms, work together flawlessly to meet increasing customer expectations.

Satisfy multiple customer groups.

Millennials to retirees, small businesses to conglomerates, commercial loan applicants to personal account openers: Give them the defect-free, personalized experience they all want.

Deliver quality across multiple POS.

Whether customers access services via mobile apps, web apps or ATMs, we’ll guarantee they’re across-the-board outstanding.

Keep compliant with multiple regulations.

We are experts in how to comply with industry best-practices and standards, including the PSD2 and EMV (for smart payment terminals and automated ATMs).

Our Solutions

To satisfy more customers, easy does it.

Make your core banking services, self-service menus, online loan applications and CRM all easier to use than anyone else’s, and watch customer retention rates climb. Our innovative solutions are easy on the budget too.

Digital Transformation

Digital customers generate more than twice the revenues of traditional customers. If your digital doesn’t deliver, you’ll do nothing but disappoint. We’ll help at any stage.

Mobile Testing

About half of all banking customers rely primarily on mobile banking. Our massive pool of real-world users can test any device, any OS or network 24/7 in any language or region.

EMV Testing

We offer EMV migration and validation to assure your implementation conforms to standards. Count on ongoing support from a senior test specialist for continuous quality improvement.

Shift-Left Approach

More complexity means more defects and issues, but we find them early in the process when they’re easier and cheaper to fix.

AI & Automation

Simplify tasks and reduce manual processing time by up to 40% with AI and automation. Speed up releases of new builds and upgrades. Saving time = Saving money.

Data Security

Those vast amounts of sensitive information you handle for private citizens and companies will be extra-safe. Our dedicated cyber engineers build security into every step of the SDLC.

Seamless System Integrations

We’ll unify multiple or legacy systems to consolidate end-to-end operations into one smooth, continuous flow.

Global Delivery

Benefit from exactly the right combination of testing expertise with our global rightshore solutions, allowing access to 2500+ quality engineers across seven countries.


300-year-old bank leaps into the future.


Our client, a highly respected financial institution, was finding that providing usable data in a fully integrated environment was creating bottlenecks.


We “bullet-proofed” the system with a test harness that aggregated test results in real-time, using customized reporting tools and techniques.


Streamlined, automated processes put in place by Qualitest reduced bottlenecks, decreased manual process by 40% and cut data generation time from 2 weeks to 3 days.

“In addition to capable test engineers and a cost-effective global engagement model, they have consistently delivered value and thought leadership. Their proactive approach has helped MultiPlan drive continuous improvement throughout our testing organization.”

— Andrew George, Vice President Strategy & Planning, MultiPlan


Bank on quality-driven success. 

We have lots of ideas to help your bank build more quality into your brand. Get started by checking out these pages.





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