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Test 6x time faster using AI.

We’ll show you how.

Qualisense Test.Predictor is our new AI-powered tool that dramatically improves risk-based testing strategies. It uses AI and automation to speed up time to release, cut costs and redeploy resources to focus on what matters most.

AI-Powered Software Testing

Testing Faster Using AI

Qualisense, our proprietary AI-powered tool, dramatically improves risk-based testing strategies. It uses AI and automation to speed up time to release, cut costs and redeploy resources to focus on what matters most to your business.

Qualisense has proven to find more failures significantly faster and achieved release confidence in only 25% of the time required by manual test prioritization.

Gain release confidence faster

Your Benefits

Achieve more with less.

With more than 6X increase in release velocity you can dramatically improve speed to market. Achieve more with less is not just a slogan when it comes to Test.Predictor, it’s a method of operation.

Qualisense Test.Predictor

Accelerate your Time To Market.

Achieve up to 80% time reduction and faster time to market, with no compromise.


Optimize your testing.

Avoid bottlenecks and remove redundant tests.


Simplify development efforts.

Create better clarity for your business.


Reduce work-time.

Use trusted data to focus on what really matters.


Quantify failure risks.

Use data and advanced analytics to proactively identify failure risks.


Anticipate the future now.

Harness AI power to foresee risks ahead of time.

Qualisense Test.Predictor
Our Features

Better predictions, better testing.

These innovative AI capabilities are transforming software testing and reinventing regression testing. Test.Predictor empowers business users and data analysts to create prediction models independently. Simply put, it’s the ultimate testing solution.


Improved Accuracy

Outstanding proven prediction results.


Accessible AI

Fast, no-code, easy to use, powerful AI platform.


Advanced Automation

Fully automated prediction modeling.


Custom ML

40 Machine Learning Algorithms tailored to your business needs.


Easy to Automate

Skilled to test in highly-automated development environments and to set-up scan automation with code collaboration

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