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Quality-tested software. Call it insurance for insurers.

The insurance world is facing transformation. Face the future ready to minimize business risk, optimize performance and stay compliant with ever-changing regulations. Our QA & testing solutions support insurance’s best-known brands.

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Health, wealth, life, auto—whatever your insurance focus, we can help you deliver products faster, drive greater customer satisfaction and decrease costs. Our sole focus on testing is your advantage.

Comply with IFRS-17
and other regulations.

Speed up releases
up to 6x.

Increase efficiency
by up to 40%.

Reduce regression testing
with AI and automation.

Your Benefits

Make customer-centricity your claim to fame.

In a changing market, stand out by delivering an outstanding, fully digital customer experience. Protect data privacy with heightened security from our dedicated cyber engineers.

Increase customer retention.

Build brand loyalty with crash-proof, user-friendly apps and websites that work perfectly on any device, model and operating system and sync across platforms.

Improve operations.

Streamline billing, claims processing and quotes with innovative strategies made possible by our unique partnerships with SAP, Oracle and other leading ERP brands.

Protect your customers.

Safeguard sensitive customer data with an extra layer of cyber resilience our cyber engineers build into every step of the SDLC.

Cut costs and raise ROI.

Drive down testing costs and substantially boost efficiency with our automated continuous testing approach and skilled use of AI and ML.

Our Solutions

Transform your business from end to end.

From early requirements for functional and nonfunctional quality through IFRS compliance and big data validation, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver the QA solutions you need.

Seamless System integrations

We’ll modernize and unity core and legacy systems consolidate end-to-end operations into one smooth, continuous flow.

Derisked Digital Transformation

We’ll enable an effortless transition and reduce business risks with machine learning, automation and AI.

Automated Risk-Based Testing

Testing everything is impossible. Our data-driven testing product, Qualisense, delivers ML-powered test insights to inform qualified decisions.

Global Delivery Model

Global test centers in seven countries ensure you’ll have precisely the right test expertise for your insurance initiative.

Performance & Load Testing

We’ll make sure your apps function at normal times and times of sudden widespread demand, such as a weather emergency.

Agile & DevOps

Our quality engineers are experts in Agile and DevOps methodologies to enhance test effectiveness and cover API, network and Big Data testing.

Managed Crowd Testing

Our massive, 24/7 crowd testing capability will deliver defect reports on any device and platform instantly to keep your UX crash-free.

Data Validation

Validate data integrity with Qualidex, our proprietary one-click, automated, customizable tool for data compliance across documents.

“We have been presented with a clear and concise view on the coverage achieved and understand where to target additional test effort for future releases. Their technical knowledge and vision and their flexible and innovative approaches to testing have been absolutely crucial to our success… quite simply a great partner.”

— Shaun Kelly, IT Director, Covea Group


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