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Remote testing at its best: Building a better digital world – together.


With the motto ‘Testing Reality – Real users. Real devices. Real impact.’, Testbirds helps clients create digital products that people really love. Testbirds’ crowdtesting services offer a comprehensive, high-quality testing experience adaptable to the individual needs of clients with a focus on the quality assurance and usability of digital products.

About Testbirds

Crowdtesting with Testbirds.

It doesn’t matter if it’s apps, websites or IoT applications – 600,000+ real users from all around the globe test on 1,000,000+ real devices in their real environment. Today, the company has over 100 employees and works with with a variety of top clients worldwide who trust in Testbirds to help optimize their digital products.

Your Benefits

Why Testbirds?

At Testbirds, we love flawless digital products and great user experiences. We’re on a mission to partner with our clients to improve understanding of target audiences and market needs. It’s our purpose to help you create digital products and experiences that have a real impact – with crowdtesting.


Our Crowd – Your Target Group.

Anticipate the needs of your specific target group – our Crowd enables a quick turn-around, frees up in-house resources, and reduces time-to-market.


Tailor-made QA & UX Solutions.

Choose from over 25 crowdtesting services to optimize the digital experience of your digital products. From concept to finished product, we provide both QA & UX testing, with extensive coverage of different use cases that are applicable for all industries.


Actionable Insights.

Comprehensive reports with tangible recommendations to ensure the highest level of user-friendliness & functionality in your apps, websites, or connected devices.


Unmatched Flexibility.

We adapt our project approach according to your expectations, needs, and goals, with seamless integration into your product development.


Promise of Quality.

From a user-friendly crowdtesting platform, and in-house expert project managers, to a team dedicated to Crowd relations – we are fully dedicated to your success as we also consider it our own.


Social Responsibility & Security.

We stand for fair payment and working conditions for our crowdworkers. Therefore, we have initiated a set of self-imposed guidelines that is supported by the German Crowdsourcing Association. All of our crowdtesters supply identity check documents and/or sign your NDA’s.

Our Features

Crowdtesting: QA, usability & UX testing for your digital product.

Our crowdtesters explore your digital products completely free or test specific parts of your application – based on your requirements.

Look through the eyes of your users and leverage the power of over 1,000,000 test devices at your fingertips.

Tailormade QA & UX solutions for your individual testing needs – from training, project consulting, chatbot testing to customer journey testing.


Quality Assurance Services

  • Exploratory Bug Testing
  • Structured Bug Testing
  • Bug Bounty
  • Regression Testing
  • Load and Performance Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Test Case Creation

Usability & UX Services

  • Usability and UX Study
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Prototype Evaluation
  • Remote Usability Videos
  • Quantitative Usability Study
  • Remote Interviews
  • Comparison Study
  • Card Sorting

Testbirds Exclusives Services

  • BugAbility™
  • Customer journey Testing
  • Bring-Your-Own-Crowd™
  • Chatbot & Virtual Assistant Testing
  • On-Premises and SaaS
  • Project Consulting



UX/CX – Finding and Keeping the Holy Grail of Retailers/Etailers

In Qualitest’s joint webinar with Testbirds we talked about digital transformation in the world of retail, why the paradigm shift is essential and how to ensure that you offer your customers a good holistic experience.


End-to-End Testing of BMW Motorrad‘s Connected App


A key factor of developing a new version of the BMW Motorrad Connected App is widespread testing. To create and execute their testing process, BMW decided to partner with the Munich-based software testing provider Testbirds. The joint goal was to test the app internationally with different smartphones and motorbike types.


By making use of the various remote and onsite testing opportunities Testbirds offers, the app can be tested during different development stages as well as from different perspectives. As a result, developers can immediately improve the functionality and user experience of the product. All of this should be executed with a focus on the customer’s perspective and using their real devices.


With the support of Testbirds and the members of their crowd of testers, BMW was able to detect critical errors and bugs which they had never located within hours before launch. BMW also benefited from Testbirds’ flexibility and their ideas regarding the recruitment of very specific testers.

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