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Build Quality and Engineering expertise into your operations. There is a reason we are a two-time ILTA award winning service provider. We are dedicated to advancing legal technology.

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 We understand your frustrations: The legal desktop is complex and fragile, application integrations are numerous and difficult to keep stable. Increasing amounts of time are spent on updates and upgrades and implementation projects but they are still not as successful as you need. Our legal specific QA and Engineering solutions will protect your investments and keep your attorneys billing.

Fix software projects  
before Pilot or Go-Live.

Comply with client requirements
and regulations through security testing.

Automate your testing
for increased efficiency.

Effectively identify fragilities
that need to be tested.

Your Benefits

Manage the quality, cut the risk.

With 12+ years’ QA & software testing experience in the legal industry for 100+ law firms and corporate legal department clients, we’re uniquely qualified to optimize your software quality and engineering.

Increased quality across the organization.

Streamlined and disciplined business analysis, requirements gathering, success metrics, testing and adoption strategies will result in better software project outcomes internally and for clients.

Mitigate your risk.

Adding a quality layer across your legal organization will reduce the risks of delays, failed projects, attorney down-time and client trust.

Reduce costs and raise ROI.

Drive down costs and drive up efficiency with automated testing and artificial intelligence. Allow us to manage repetitive testing and desktop maintenance activities to get your IT team back to focusing on highest value initiatives.

Secure your environment.

Prevent breaches of sensitive case and client records and assure compliance with our early-detection cyber approach.

Our Solutions

Maturing the quality of legal technology.

Our innovative technology approach to strategic envisioning, and managing the quality and engineering in law firms, will address all your application testing, automation, engineering and security testing needs. We consolidate all your quality needs as your one powerhouse resource.

Managed Testing Services 

Entrusting us to manage all your QA needs provides a consistent and disciplined approach to risk mitigation across all technology initiatives.

Automated Testing

Manual processes can’t handle the volume, but our automated testing, supported by AI and ML, ensures complete test coverage and accuracy.

Performance & Load Testing Benchmarking

Automated load testing ensures DMS and practice management systems deliver stable, consistent performance at varying levels of user load. User experience benchmarking can help identify emergent performance issues.

Robotic Patch Validation

Realize all the benefits of automation without the investment in tooling and engineering. Our solution was developed exclusively for the legal industry and alerts you to any functionality or performance problems after applying patches and application updates.

Engineering Managed Service

We use Microsoft’s modern desktop tools to manage all aspects of desktop maintenance so you can realize cost and efficiency gains. We provide all aspects of patch management, application management, settings, imaging and Windows 10 feature updates.

Security Testing

Client data is vulnerable at many stages of it’s lifecycle. Penetration and Vulnerability testing are one of your best defenses.

“We recognized we needed to improve our risk mitigation – much of our testing was ad-hoc, often completed by Business Analysts, Trainers, or Help Desk specialists. The QA Envisioning project provided a holistic approach and immediate next steps to mature our QA efforts. We are just beginning to implement the first of the recommendations and can already see how we will be able to provide a better, more stable environment for end users.”

— Director of Enterprise Applications, Global Law Firm, 1,200 Attorneys


We are the legal QE experts.

Our leadership team has over 100 years of legal technology experience, we understand your technologies and your challenges.







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