Turbocharge your legal software.

Are mountains of digitized case files, billing records and other crucial data crushing your firm’s productivity? Take charge with a customized, AI-powered systems upgrade. We have deep legal expertise and the best software testers anywhere.

how we can help you

We’re on the case.

We feel your frustration: Vital data keeps piling up, but your budget isn’t budging. Our smart QA solutions will let you do more with less.

Improve billing & time-tracking  through systems integrations.

Comply with data privacy laws
through heightened cyber security.

Increase efficiency
by up to 40%.

Cut testing time
from days to hours.

Your Benefits

Leverage the data. Cut the clutter.

With 20+ years’ QA & software testing experience plus in-depth legal industry expertise, we’re uniquely qualified to optimize your legal data. You’ll notice improvements right away.

Enable data-driven decisions.

Streamlined, timely data accessible on-demand will let your clients and your legal teams make quicker, better-informed decisions.

Increase precision.

Generate meticulous per-minute time-tracking records and improve the accuracy of your bills and statements.

Secure confidential information.

Prevent breaches of sensitive case and client records and assure compliance with our early-detection cyber approach.

Reduce costs and raise ROI.

Drive down costs and drive efficiency way up with automated testing, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our Solutions

Merge millions of records into one massive advantage.

Legal documents typically come from many different sources, including legacy and external, third-party systems. Our innovative technology and tool-agnostic approach will consolidate them into one powerhouse resource.

Systems Integration

Our exhaustive knowledge of ERP systems and our partnerships with SAP and Oracle put us on an inside track to tailor seamless integrations.

Automated Testing

Manual processes can’t handle the volume, but our automated testing, supported by AI and ML, ensures complete test coverage and accuracy.

Performance & Load Testing

We’ll test your apps to make sure they deliver stable, consistent performance at normal times and workload peaks.

Security Testing

Legal data is especially vulnerable to breaches during Integrations, when it’s migrated from third parties. Our cyber experts’ code-level knowledge of customer apps is your best defense.

Derisked Digital Transformation

Enable an effortless cloud transition and reduce business risks with automation, ML and our AI-powered risk-based testing tool, Qualisense.

Managed Crowd Testing

Our 24/7 crowd testing capability will deliver defect reports on any device and platform instantly to keep your UX crash-free.

“We have found [Qualitest] to be extremely knowledgeable, efficient and flexible in their approach to delivery. They quickly identified the critical solution components requiring performance testing and presented a tailored test approach which they then delivered [on] time and budget that highlighted key recommendations to improve the solution performance.”

— Jawad, Project Manager, DWF legal services


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