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Pharma digital health challenges

Pharma’s 6 Crucial Digital Health Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

Healthcare Medical Devices Pharma

Pharma companies need to deal with several challenges that all affect one another and yet, at the end of the day, need to be addressed holistically in order to be solved efficiently, quickly and effectively.

Data integrity in white text on red background

Pharma Industry & Data Integrity: How to Ensure Compliance Without Going Bust

Healthcare Pharma

Don’t let your data integrity costs spiral and keep you awake at night. Take a balanced and realistic approach that fits your budget instead.


Qualitest Israel’s Annual Event – A Much-needed Breath of Fresh Air!

Careers Qualitest

With Covid-19 putting a pause on large-scale events over the past two years, Qualitesters had missed out on the joys of hanging out together and connecting with their colleagues.


The Apache Log4j Vulnerability Proves Yet Again – a Cyber Security Paradigm Shift is Crucial

Cyber Security

The serious vulnerability in Apache Log4j is continuing to expose some of the world’s most popular applications and services to attack. Here's what you can do against it and similar vulnerabilities.

Managed software testing services

The 6 Ways Managed Software Testing Services Can Boost Your Business

Managed Testing Services

By definition, managed software testing services means outsourcing all software quality assurance responsibilities for better results at a lower cost, but in reality, this is much more than that. MTS can be a real lifesaver for companies.


Meet Burcu Tomac – A Developer, Who Can Plan Your Wedding!

Burcu Tomac, a Qualitest Consultant Developer from Cologne, has a knack for learning new things in life. Her knowledge-seeking eagerness has always been a motivating factor for her.

Salesforce automation and testing
Case Study

Leading Credit Union Successfully Automates Salesforce to Gain Business Essential Member Insights

Credit Unions CRM Salesforce Test Automation

To gain a deeper understanding of their members, our Client wanted to implement a centralized CRM system to house all of their member data. We used our extensive experience to deliver test automation tool POC, test management, planning, and execution as well as system integration testing.


The New Data Security Challenges Are Here, How Can Quality Engineering Help?

Cyber Security

To overcome most of the challenges, quality engineering plays a significant role. This is how QE can help prepare and overcome them.

cybersecurity symbol and man's hand on laptop

Cyber Security: A New Way To Avoid the High Cost of Vulnerability Fatigue

Cyber Security

Qualitest’s Global Head of Cyber Security Uri Bar-El discusses the problem of vulnerability fatigue and a new solution he’s building. This goes beyond simply identifying your security threats to manage and mitigate them instead. Intrigued?

Black Friday performance testing

E-commerce Performance Testing: Are You Really Ready for Black Friday?

App & Web Load & Performance Retail

Performance testing is crucial for any e-commerce business that wishes to not only keep its credibility during the holiday season, but also maximize revenues and keep customers happy.

Quality engineering for credit unions

What Makes Quality Engineering Critical for Credit Unions?

Credit Unions

In the past few years, credit unions have relied heavily on new technology and digital channels to improve their members’ banking experience. The following is what makes the role of quality engineering so essential to their success.

Media digital transformation and quality engineering

How Quality Engineering Fast-Tracks Digital Transformation in the Media Industry

Digital Transformation Media & Entertainment

Digital transformation in media has impacted everyone. There can be numerous ways in which enterprises can speed-up this process, and quality engineering is pivotal to its success.