We have developed advanced, intelligent tools that take testing and data & knowledge management to a new level of efficiency, while providing invaluable insights into your business and processes.


Test.Predictor is our new AI-powered tool that dramatically improves risk-based testing strategies. It uses AI and automation to speed up time to release, cut costs and redeploy resources to focus on what matters most.

AI-Powered T-KIA

T-KIA is an AI-powered independent assessment that focuses on understanding your existing quality operations and capabilities, and identifying key improvements for you to implement.


Our AI-Powered Test.Consolidator tool, with its advanced AI and ML text and NLP algorithms, is able to quickly find duplicated text snippets or complete documents.

Qualiview is a fully customizable software testing and quality engineering analytics system that aggregates and visualizes quality and test data for software programs, releases and builds, using interactive web-based dashboards and reports.


Qualidex is an automated tool that quickly scans text, imagery and data content from PDF files and other electronic documents for comparison against UI data and validation of data integrity. Comprehensive HTML reports help validate tests and identify failures and discrepancies.


Qualicoach is a dedicated learning portal for you to implement the continuous learning process in your organisation and foster ongoing learning on a regular basis to upskill current and new employees.


Qualihub is a key online knowledge management tool that provides valuable and specific knowledge assets, facilitating your transition or migration activities.

We used our deep industry and technology understanding, and business assurance practices to strategically design a coded framework that removes complexity and aligns with your business goals, focussing on your ROI.